Reflective Essay: Who Am I As A Reader

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Who Am I as a Reader
I am not person who likes to read a lot, only when it comes to school reading, then I will do it. I notice that reading is important in life because it helps with writing and speaking. I notice, I should read often everyday because it can help me improve with my reading and writing skills later in the future. Reading and writing is important because everyone needs to learn how write and speak good to communicate with people. People learn how to read to by pronouncing the letter out and so by looking pictures from a book that they are reading. Some people learn quick by reading a book and by pronouncing out the word and understanding the words from the books. Some of them have difficult in reading and understanding the
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In High School, my teachers made me read different books then write about them. My reading skills was good then we had to write essays about the article or a topic that the teacher gave us. I read when I have free time outside of class or sometimes when I bored then I read a newspaper. I feel good in reading but the only problem when it comes for reading is that I sometimes I don’t how to pronounce hard words. In High School, the teacher makes us annotate the article and summarizing the article . Reading in High School was learning different types of level in reading easy to hard each year , I moved to different grade level. Once I was in senior I had an english teacher who made us write more and also read . We did a research on a disease then we had write a essay about the disease and that class we would always learned new thing then write essays . My english teacher was preparing us for college and make sure that we learned something in the …show more content…
College reading is high concept because it prepares you when get your career. Reading is important in life because it helps you in the future and as while with any job you get in future. College is preparing you for your career and making me learn new things. My reading skill in college is making learn new words , I didn’t know and making me gain more knowledge on my reading skills. College reading is hard lesson that makes me think and learn at the same time. College reading wants me to learn and prepare to write essay on anything in the future. In college I have to read often to understand words I don’t know and look up the word meaning so I can understand what it means like annotating the book or article that I am

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