Personal Essay: Growing Up With Reading And Writing

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Growing up with reading and writing has always been a struggle for me. I would was get extra help on my reading and more time to practice than the other kids. I was not only a slow reader, but I also tended to skip over some of the words. I would never finish the text on the timed reading quizzes. I have had teachers, family, and friends striving and encouraging me not to give up on myself. Reading and writing will always be my least favorite subject. I will only find the subject interesting when I am reading or writing something of my choice. Although I’m not good at reading and writing, I will never give up and continue to better myself in the reading and writing process. Ever since I was in the 1st grade I hated reading stories, …show more content…
I hated writing essays. I was absolutely horrible. I tried to take classes that had nothing to do with writing regular english class we were required to take. I would wait till the latest I could to type my essays. I felt like I would not get a good grade anyway. I tried to do the best I can, but somehow I would also get a bad grade due to my poor grammer. I do not really have any problems with reading or writing of my own choice. I can still be a slow reader to this day, but not like I once was. I could write pages on pages of a topic I am drawn to. I could add more details as well. I am better with reading and writing when I am actually interested to the …show more content…
We discussed on what I needed to work on to prepare myself for college. I tried explaining to him all the reasons why I should not go out of my comfort zone of any english class. He said something very important to me that I will never forget, “if you do not try how will you ever become successful? You need to push yourself to do better” those words really spoke to me. I told him to sign me up for this class not only to prepare myself for college but to push myself to become better, just like he said. This is when I knew what I had to do. I took the Ivy Tech advance english 12 class. I knew this would be a dramatic change for me, but I told myself I would push myself to do the best I

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