Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Analysis

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I have dyslexia so it makes reading and writing as hard as counting every raindrop in a storm for me. I mix up the letters. in 7th grade mrs ward used to help me with Diary of a Wimpy kid and other work she would correct me and let me pick the books I wanted I loved Diary of a Wimpy kid because it's hilarious one of my fifth grade teachers didn’t understand they would try to make me read harder books they made me really mad and stressed my fourth grade teacher was thoughtful, friendly, generous she didn’t throw work at us every day I had more time to do my work and it didn’t stress me out we were reading chapter books and that was harder but the teacher would help me with words. I remember in Mrs Sunram reading books out loud to us I really paid attention because she read books I was interested in I felt sad when I didn’t get reading as much as the other kids before third grade I noticed other kids could write so the teacher knew what they meant and I couldn’t no one could help me because I didn't even know I had a problem it seemed like I was in a hall of mirrors. It felt like everyone in class cud read but the only one who couldn’t. My mom used to read to me starting when I was a baby we read at bedtime I liked that because she was spending time with me and I loved the stories. Reading challenged me still but it's getting easier all the time I only like certain books though especially funny comic books like The Simpsons, Futurama and Family guy I May never be the best reader but it is getting easier for me as I get older I’ll just keep trying to get better …show more content…
Memory boy was a survival story that took place in minnesota. I thought it was a great book so I can’t wait to read The survivors. I hope I get better as a

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