Self Reflection On My Experience Of A College Class

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Self Reflection Coming into college with no experience of any college classes, I was very clueless to how anything was going to work and what to expect. When I thought about taking composition one, all I thought was that it was going to be all writing papers. I was very wrong and this was far from true. Walking into this class for the first time, not one part of me expected to learn how to write papers through watching movies or through the in class activities we did. I expected to be given a topic, a length requirement, and a due date. This was not the case at all. For me, watching the movies helped me to realize a better way to connect to the audience I was writing for. The in class activities really helped me also. I am a very hands-on learner and it helped me to be able to see and participate in activities that involved the next paper we were going to be writing or helped to make sure we were formatting our papers the right way. For example, making the works cited in class for other student’s sources really helped me with my paper because I was struggling with one of my works cited. Also, when we were brainstorming popular culture ideas as a class, it made me dig deeper to find out …show more content…
Another reason I believed this helped me was that I did not just have one meeting but two. One meeting allowed me to find my mistakes and take the advice given to me to create a better paper and the second meeting allowed me to add even deeper thought and meaning into my paper. I found it easy to converse with you, Mrs. Cornelius, with any questions I had regarding any of my papers. This aspect of the class made it really easy for me to reach out and ask for help, which is something I am not very good

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