Self Reflection: What I Learned In College Classes

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Self Reflection Coming into college with no experience of any college classes, I was very clueless to how anything was going to work and what to expect. When I thought about taking composition one, all I thought was that it was going to be all writing papers. I was very wrong and this was far from true. Walking into this class for the first time, not one part of me expected to learn how to write papers through watching movies or through the in class activities we did. I expected to be given a topic, a length requirement, and a due date. This was not the case at all. For me, watching the movies helped me to realize a better way to connect to the audience I was writing for. The in class activities really helped me also. I am a very hands-on …show more content…
I am a person who likes to follow strict details for assignments and know exactly what I need to write about. In that aspect, it was a disadvantage for me. This was an advantage for me because it made me overcome needing those exact directions on what topic to write about and what to include when writing about the topic. This helped me as a student and as a writer because it opened my mind to all the different variety of topics there were within a broader theme.
If I had to take this course over again, there are very few things that I would change. I would have used to writing center or went to office hours to review all of the other papers we wrote. I would have done this just to make sure I was including everything that needed to be included and to make sure I wasn’t missing my own errors, because often times I found that was my biggest problem and what stunted my growth as a student.
Although I really enjoyed writing the paper about “The Circle”, I think something else that stunted my growth as a student in this class is the fact that I hate reading. I had to force myself to read the book and every time the paper got closer, it was more difficult for me to sit down and finish the book. After finishing the book, I came to find out that it actually was a very good book and it was not the end of the world to read

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