Mid-Term Reflective Analysis

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Twelve weeks later, my first college writing course completed, and to my pleasant almost surprise, I feel as though I have bettered myself in writing. If you look back at my Mid-term Reflection, walking into my first undergraduate writing class was a little unsettling. Was I going to be totally on top of everything the professor threw at us students or was I going to be completely unprepared? Rhetoric and Composition 103 was neither one nor the other, but a writing class that took what I knew and what I did not to create a well-rounded writer. By the time Mid-term’s rolled around, I could already see a change in my skills as a writer. Now at the time of finals, this transformation is more prominent than ever. At the beginning of this WRD course …show more content…
Beginning this class with a set of goals was the first step to evolving as a writer. Setting aside a couple of topics or characteristics of writing I knew I needed to work every time I that I composed an essay allowed me to slowly change my errors and simply work on becoming a better writer. One example of this would be how I never proof read any assignment before turning it in. Whether it be for WRD 103 or my Discover class, editing was a tool I never used. One of my goals to become a better writer was to put in more effort in the process of an essay, so slowly I began to edit more and more. Techniques that I learned were to read my paper out loud and even to read it backwards. These methods present writing in a different manner than on a bright computer screen. Often times when reading in our heads, we writers already know what we are trying to say therefore small errors can go undetected. A perfect representation of this would be my argumentative essay about immigration detention center. Before starting to write an outline, I researched various websites and read articles …show more content…
These past five essays have shown me that I have the ambition and grit to work hard until the end when composing an essay. Good writing is not just correct grammar, spelling, and being mechanically sound. Good writing has to precisely present a clear topic and successfully address such topic to the chosen audience. Using rhetorical tools like ethos, pathos, logos, can improve the effectiveness of an argument significantly. One of the most challenging part of writing during this class was using specific tools to reflect on ideologies and influence an audience. Many of our assigned essays were on some controversial topics. As a class and as a writer, issues needed to be dissected and personal beliefs needed to be analyzed and either put aside or put to use in a rhetorical manner. When engaging in truth-seeking behavior and researching, it is pertinent to critically think with an unbiased mind. Values and beliefs can get in the way of a sound, informative paper when preconceptions seep into writing. Learning to be self-aware of your own biases and thinking is extremely difficult but one of the most effective ways of writing. WRD 103 has given me tools on how to reflect in on myself and write with an unbiased voice while analyzing a variety of

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