Composition 101 Reflection

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College is something that cannot be prepared for. Teachers in high school may try, but it is something that has to be learned on its own. College itself can be a large step in someone’s life and they are often left feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I felt exactly this while taking my first semester of college here at Butler. From the very beginning, I knew taking English Composition 101 would be a challenge, but one I was ready to face. I never really paid attention to the simple things until I saw the importance each part of an essay plays. By taking this class, I have obtained the knowledge and tools needed to better my writing for the future. Throughout the course of English Composition 101 my, time management, understanding of brainstorming, and ability to remove “fluff” have improved.
Time management can be difficult to get the hang of while taking college classes, especially online ones. It is something I am to this day, trying to figure out in a way that benefits me greatly. Making time for my online class was the part I struggled with the most. Setting time aside to actually
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I, unfortunately, had to figure this out the hard way. About half way through the semester is when I decided to give brainstorming a try. It has helped out tremendously and I wish I would have started doing it sooner. By brainstorming or planning out what to write ahead of time in a way sets out a game plan. Essentially, an idea map or an idea list are two common ways to go about brainstorming. These can keep thoughts, ideas, and initially set the structure for the essay. I found that creating an idea list helped me the most when planning my essay. Before I started doing this I would write, but not with the idea of where I would go with the essay. After figuring out that brainstorming benefited me greatly, doing it again was not a question. Brainstorming, however, was an easier fix than some other aspects of my

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