My Reflection On My Writing Class

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Walking out of the classroom on the first day of school after College Prep Writing I knew that the class would be difficult and teach me a lot about my writing. I could have never guessed how much this one, semester long, class would truly affect my writing skills. Looking back at my older writing pieces, that I had once felt confident about, now have mistakes jumping out at me. The levels of writing we were taught and got to try out were things I had never done to my full extent before. I know when college comes I will be very grateful for this class. The first introduction paper I wrote in this class proved to me how much work I really needed to do throughout the course of this class. With the different assignments, in class activities, and various different papers to write my writing began to evolve. My approach to writing not only changed but became an entirely different routine. Instead of diving head first into a writing assignment, I now think about the different things I need to do and the ideas I need to include to make that paper the best it can be. Throughout this semester I have learned to manage my time working on a …show more content…
Through different lessons that were wrapped up into writing papers I have become an entirely different and better writer. While writing our introduction paper I had expected to grow as a writer but not nearly as much as I have. There are certain parts and types of writing that still need a lot of work such as a few various rules dealing with commas, working around fragments, and some different ways to tie my ideas into my writing correctly. For the future I will be sure to keep these smaller things in the back of my mind to be sure I do them correctly. Another reason College Prep Writing has been so helpful is by giving me a lot of information but tying it together in some cases to make it easier to understand and

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