Should Plastic Bags Be Banned

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This is my first final portfolio for the College writing life. I have to admit that English 110 course has opened my eyes to the higher writing level. I felt a challenge when I was aware of that there was a jumping transformation in writing skills required from high school to college. However, I also felt lucky I have gained knowledges about writing in this course that helps me to overcome that difficulty. Well, in this portfolio, I included most of my writings within this semester to display my interests and abilities in writing and I will present my writing development with rhetorical purposes and basic formats applied.
The first essay I choose to present is “ Mom” which is considered as the literacy narrative. It reveals me about my development in my childhood, which was affected by my mom a lot. I realized that I became more mature and independent when I discovered that my mom lost her ability to listen to the world. At the beginning of this essay, I used a flashback after the conversation between my grandma and me because it’s a way to keep readers’ interests and guide them through the main part of the narrative story naturally. Also, I used vivid descriptions about how
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My goal of this paper is to persuade my readers that plastic bags should be banned because its disability to be degraded has caused the white pollution which is harmful to the environment. For this essay, I have done a long journal of research. I selected three pictures to insert into the paper to make the contents more visual for the readers. I discussed the reason, influence of the forbidden of plastic bags. My strong part of this essay is that I have strong points and sources to prove my main point of this paper. And the part I didn’t do so well was that I couldn’t find strong counter arguments and sources to make an opposite stance. It would make the paper not so

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