Should We Get Rid Of Plastic Bags Essay

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Today we are told that we can not use plastic bags that we have to switch to paper or reusable bags because plastic is bad for the environment. They may be bad for the environment but how is paper and reusable any better than plastic? So I do not think we should get rid of plastic because how is it solving our problems if they just cause new ones that we are going to have to fix later on? If we are just going to make new problems by using paper or reusable bags then why get rid of plastic bags? We get told that plastic is hurting our environment but what they do not tell us is how are alternatives are bad for the environment to. One of our alternatives is paper bags and yes they say it is better for the environment than plastic bags but …show more content…
Well this is what we do we go to are next alternative which is reusable bags. This would be a good choice but everything has its flaws. One of the flaws of the reusable bags is that they can cause really horrible diseases and make people sick. “Reusable bags can become contaminated by meat juices, [and] moisture... from food items and become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, [and] mold coliforms including E. Coli.” (The Downside Of Reusable Shopping Bags) this is just part of it a “reusable bag can act [like] a carrier to transmit viruses to other people who [touch] the bag can become sick. (The Downside Of Reusable Shopping Bags) People don't always this to wash their bags which cause these this. But some people do wash their reusable bags and “every time you wash your bags you consume soap, bleach, water, electricity, natural gas, and generate greenhouse gases. (The Downside Of Reusable Bags) so by washing your bags you are paying more than you would for a paper or plastic bag. The you have the problem of generating greenhouse gases. The last flaw of the reusable bags are we are supposed to be making it better for the environment so we think to use recycled plastic to make them but here is the problem with this we don't always make the bags out of all plastic. An example of this would be “wal-mart started selling a black reusable bag made entirely of recycled plastic

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