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Viewing the past four essays shows the progress and decline of my writing style, and structure. The four essays that were required by the class varied from the best to the worst, both having their similarities and differences. Choosing two out of the four essays, I came to a conclusion that the “process analysis” essay was the best, and the worst essay was the “descriptive” essay. Although it varied from their definitions and structure, the essay’s showed how much the writer, put their work into it. The certain characteristics that made it the worst to the best defined how well the essay would turn out to be. However, writing these essays were difficult, and time consuming.
The most satisfactory essay came from the “process analysis” chapter.
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Such as “Researchers have determined that there are six categories of abuse, and a cycle that the ‘abuse’ takes during the duration of the relationship. Generally, the ‘abusers’ have similar attributes, and display similar signs.” Which prepares the reader, and gives them an idea of what the essay will be introducing. Starting out with an idea within an outline is something that helps throughout an essay, and that is what dramatically had influence in upon writing the final draft I feel like I should be more organized, and being able to remove commas where they do not belong. Also, making the full connections within the subject. Getting straight the point, instead of proceeding with information that confuses the reader. As in giving additional information that is not needed nor was explained in the essay. As for similarities between my strong and weak skills, I’d say that my weak writing skills overshadow my stronger …show more content…
Having someone read aloud the essay helped, as being able to hear the errors as they read. Looking at the structure as well, by following the “Longman Writer’s” book, in the structure of a compare and contrast essay. Viewing the peer review checklist, it gave me an idea of where to start, and where essay needed to be headed towards. Trying to hit the points of the questions that were being asking, such as if the thesis was strong enough, making the writer double check their work. The peer review is important the essay, they were able to catch mistakes that I wouldn’t have if I was scanning for errors. I put in comments on the sentences and paragraphs that I needed to work on, and changed the little grammatical errors. Putting the rough draft and final together made it easier to see the changes and the errors. Also, revising the edits, to see if there was anything else that was left out. Overall, comparing the two papers and seeing the differences helps point out the

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