Wrtg 101 Reflection

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In the Spring of 2016 when I took WRTG 101, I terrified of failing. Before taking WRTG 101, I would always struggle with writing. This class has taught me many important and essential techniques to be successful in my writing career. Considering that Spanish is my first language, reading and writing are a weakness of mine. I have always been afraid of attending an English class for the simple fact of having to write essays. Thankfully, after taking this course, I have learned the basic principles to constructing a simple essay. I took this course with the hope of becoming a better reader and writer. This course has provided tools and several resources to increase the potential of my writing. I began WRTG 101 with few to none writing skills; now I have a basic understanding on how to write a proper English paper. …show more content…
I had no idea what APA format was or how to cite properly. However, the APA citations links that my professor provided were very useful and helped me be successful with the rest of my essays. The videos guided me step by step and were very simple to understand other different type of formats such as MLA, and Chicago. Another resource that was very helpful, were the online class discussions. Online discussions not only helped me interact with my classmates, but helped me broaden my knowledge about the material. Many classmates gave me ideas that I could potentially use for my essay, feedback on resources that I was not positive about using in my essay. Although, my writing was not not great at all to begin with, I had more than enough resources to become familiar on how to accomplish the task. Being able to write a proper formatted paper at the end of the class proved to myself and increased my

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