My Reflection Of My Development As A College Level Writer

I have to take a writing course? Ugh. This was the feeling I had when I first registered to take this course and it wasn’t a good one. It had been years since I had to any kind of writing development course. After taking this course throughout the semester it has been an immense help in my development as a college level writer. I began writing 101 with very little writing skills, but now I’m able to formulate a thesis, develop a sentence, develop a paragraph and use proper grammar.

A thesis is a statement in the start of a paper that ultimately lets your readers know what the paper is about. The weekly discussions were the first step in aiding me in learning how to set up a thesis sentence structure. The students would give very limited feedback, but it was the professor that gave the knowledge needed to properly do so. I did run into a few roadblocks with the essays during the course, but it was the draft corrections that enabled me to change course and adjust for a more improved thesis statement. Even more, the final grade that I would receive on the essay was a direct reflection of my understanding of a proper thesis statement.
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I always struggled with this since I could remember. But after a short time of the use of Comfit, I was able to grasp the idea of what proper sentence structure would look like. Perhaps, I just needed a little polishing up on my skills. Most of this may seem very novice to the average writer, but it is so very important to understand basic sentence structure. At the most very basic level, a sentence could ultimately have a subject and a verb. Developing a sentence properly wasn’t really a section in this course, but with practice I was able to get the needed amount learning thru the use of essays and discussion

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