Personal Reflection On Being A Writer

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As we all know, the final Unit assignment is a personal reflection about what I’ve learned and who I am as a writer. In my opinion, only talking about everything I learned can be really a boring thing, I prefer to talk more about myself, my changes throughout the semester. After all, most of people like biographies much more than academic reports.
You should know, readers, as a writer, I have an obvious difference from others.
I’m an international student, come from China.
You should also know that this is my first few months in America; I started to study English for only less than a year. Actually students in China do study English since the first grade, but the level is very low, it means that students should know 3500 words when they graduate
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I thought I’d rather die to avoid such a long essay. I prepared much for it. I analyzed the nostalgia, listed all of the potential aspects I could write about, got an outline. Then I found, maybe I was too nervous when doing this, I had so many things to write about, so I only need to write a few sentences to achieve the goal of 1000 words. I used a whole evening, about 4 hours, to finish my first draft. When I found I wrote 1200 words, I was so happy and satisfied. And finally I got an B+, the same as most of the people in the class, I thought it was amazing, I proved to myself that I can also write an essay that long, and it is as good as many American …show more content…
The MLA style was also important. Among all the other units, I did hardest work on this. I have read so many materials and researches, had so many topics. I had to try to summarize the research points and pick out common ones, combine them with my own understanding, improve my topic to a new view. Proper citation was also a hard work, how long to cite, where to cite, the significance of the citations, all of them were important. I also need to make sure that my own understandings take the leadership rather than the essay was just a conclusion of all the researches. I did so much work to finish it. Writing is a class that teaches people how to think and express. I had many thoughts about my topics but I can’t express them clearly. The topic, mythology, is a field that I am very interested in, I want to express my emotions in the essay and move my readers. But it seemed too hard for me that I didn’t know how to do it, I tried several times, but every time it made the essay a mess, I had to delete all the emotional parts and change the essay into a totally academic one, which in my mind is the most boring type among all of the articles. It was regretful. But I finally got an A-, it was a

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