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I am a student at Columbus State Community College. In my English class, I have written several different types of essays and have found myself moving forward as a developing writer with less fear. The positive and reflective class activities, and instructions have really motivated me to believe that I can conquer the quest of freely expressing myself on paper in whichever form of expression that is required.
In the past, I have dreaded writing assignments due to me dropping out of school early on in the 9th grade, and then having children at a young age. Three years ago, I found the courage to go back to school to receive my General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.). I attended Godman Guide’s Adult Education Program. The G.E.D. test comprises mostly multiple choice questions and also has an essay topic to test the examinee’s writing skills. I passed the test, yes; but I knew that I needed help to develop as a writer.
I decided to stay on the path to higher education and enrolled in the New Directions E3 Program. The program is a post-secondary preparation course for entering college, which includes writing for scholarships. I composed an
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I wrote about my belief in the value of community service. If I thought about the assignment too long; I would start to feel the feeling of defeat. When I begin to transfer my thoughts on paper; the more comfortable I felt writing. I enjoyed, my development as I proofread, add, and take away from the paper. I witnessed my essay becoming more structured and meaningful. The peer review was a super supportive in-class activity. I loved hearing feedback from my peers and always found the advice helpful. Ultimately, finding myself helpful to others, even though I thought that I was not as good of a writer as other college students. My final grade was 90%. I made some minor mistakes and need to pay attention to fragment sentences and misplaced

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