Summer Reading Reflection Essay

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As time ticks by, my hands rush to scribble down letters to form the first essay of the first semester, then the second, and finally the last. Throughout the first semester, students in Honors English experienced writing essays in a short amount of time while trying to maintain the essay’s quality. I believe that although I did well in some parts of my Summer Reading Essay, The Odyssey Essay, and Character showing Empathy Essay, there were pieces of the essays that could be improved and in the future, I aim to achieve the goals I have set up to enhance my work.
The Summer Reading Essay, which was the first essay of the semester, needed improvement in some areas, but there were parts that I did well. After receiving the prompt, I scribbled down
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The prompt of the essay was given a day before we wrote it in class and we had a class period to plan. During class, I was able to write a thesis and gather many quotes and ideas. Yet, my paragraphs were inadequate because they had little analysis, leading to a weak response. Like the Summer Reading Essay, I struggled with time management since I took most of my time writing the essay and was left with barely any time to edit. Furthermore, I think that the quality of the essay is poor because of the lack of organization and analysis. If I were to rewrite the entire essay, I would include a deeper analysis of the prompt and quotes, as well as incorporating a variety of vocabulary and syntax. However, I believe that this essay slightly improved compared to the Summer Reading Essay because not only was I able to use strong quotes, but also I was able to create a strong thesis statement. The goals I have set for myself in the upcoming semester is to improve on the analysis. Based on these notes, I am hoping to improve in areas where I find troubling, like the …show more content…
This essay was the most challenging as we had little time to complete. Worried I was going to run out of time, I brainstormed the ideas for the essay in my mind and started writing the essay. Even though I wrote my essay speedily, I had little time to edit, so I read through the paragraph to make sure there were not many obvious flaws. Furthermore, I need to improve on time management and the thesis statement because I felt that the statement was not clear enough. However, I think that the quality of this essay has improved because I was able to put more thought into the analysis of the prompt and evidence. Moreover, I believe that the evidence I chose for the character for this essay was what I did well in this essay. In addition, my goal is to improve on the thesis statement in the upcoming semester. Although I did well in some parts of the Character showing Empathy Essay, there were flawed parts that needed improvement.
In my Summer Reading Essay, The Odyssey Essay, and Character showing Empathy Essay, there are areas that need to be improved while some areas were well done and I hope to accomplish my goals for the upcoming semester. The first semester of Honors English was challenging, wish me good luck in the second

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