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  • Community Observation Report Sample

    I decided to stay and wait to see if anyone would show up, while waiting I tried to interpret what this could mean. I ended up with three possible answers to the absence of any member in the location: it could be too hot therefore no one wanted to dance at that time, in turn all members of this group could students and had class or a job at that time, or the group was more organized than I had given them credit for and had specific meeting…

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  • The Girl That Butt-Shuffled: A Short Story

    Nuggets. I didn’t grab one, or two, I grabbed about twenty, burning my hands in the process and shoved them into the hands of my boyfriend as I dove in for more. It was with this same class I inhaled about 13 nuggets with the vacuum power of Noo-Noo on speed. My friends were horrified, my hands were burnt but my stomach was full of sweet, sweet nuggets. You would think the tale would stop there, but the worst was yet to come. At about midnight every night a change comes over me, all maturity…

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  • Racial Racism In Telephone Conversation, By Wole Soyinka

    Telephone Conversation by Wole Soyinka criticises the racial attitudes of his society to ironically highlight the unjust treatment of black people. The poem features a telephone conversation between an African traveller looking for accommodation and a white landlady, whom, upon hearing that the traveller is black, refuses to lodge him a room. Soyinka constructs three key concepts which include the supposed superiority of the white population, the ignorance of white people and the format of a…

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  • Why I Want To Dance

    Professionals, create dance routines and teaches them to dance, is a career I wish to pursue, for the rewards my students will earn, the more dance they will learn, and the more activity the student will do. I been interested in this career I always dance and it made me happy, so that’s when I thought to myself that. I was going to be a choreography. This career grabbed my intention because, I always went to birthdays parties and they always danced and it was fun and the way people look at me it…

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  • Dance Concert Essay: The Boxer Dance Review

    Stevie Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, I went to see the dance performance Here & Now. As I was buying my ticket, I did not really know what to expect from this concert. To be honest, I did not know really anything about this show that I had just paid to see. Originally, I thought that this show would just be a requirement for me to pass this class. However, after seeing this show, it became much more to me than just a grade. The dancers were astounding and the songs were so…

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  • The Nutcracker Dance Critique

    The dance concert I chose to see for my critique was The Nutcracker. Ballet Arizona was the company that put on this show. I saw this production on Tuesday, December 10, 2015 at Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona. Since The Nutcracker is a holiday classic, I have always wanted to see how a young girl's toy nutcracker came to life. I have read before about it but have never seen it for myself. The first piece was the “Party Scene”. It had a very beautiful set including a huge elegant fireplace on…

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  • Salsa Dance

    brought Contra-Danze, the country dance of France and England, with them. Later known as danzon, it mixed with rhumbas of African origin. After yet another global spread of this dance, different places and countries all over the world gradually tinkered and changed the style to their liking, but kept the partner dance and tempo the same. The dance later received the name “salsa” in New York, given that it was a mixture, like the sauce “salsa”, of different styles of dance and music. Thus, salsa…

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  • Belly Dance Analysis

    decided to step out of my comfort zone, and I went Sophia's Dance Studio. In the dance studio, the Jennifer Mollenhauer instructed the belly dancing class. In belly dancing class, the instructor provides guidance, patience and educational in the class. The class schedule was recapped, stretching, fundamental movement, routine, and wind down. Personally, I like the class schedule. First off, I like how instructor shows the fundamental movement and explain the moves. The secondly, I enjoyed middle…

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  • Dance Observation Report

    Dance is a form of art that is shown through the movements of the human body. The two dances I observed was a beginning Latin technique dance class and a Choreography III dance rehearsal. I had never seen a rehearsal or technique class like the ones I have watched before. When I was observing the rehearsal and the technique class, I noticed that they had many similarities and differences. Reasons why I chose to watch a beginning Latin dance class and Choreography III was because I thought it…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Saturday In Dance

    in a pink leotard and a grass hula skirt for proof. The first time I remember dancing was when I was around five years old, in tap class, learning a move called the coffee grinder. I remember looking in the mirrors as I swung my leg around and jaggedly jumped over it multiple times before I could get the move down. I felt super proud of myself when I was the first one in my class to master the move, well the best a five year old can master a move. My memories of dance have grown since then. I…

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