Dance Observation Report

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Dance is a form of art that is shown through the movements of the human body. The two dances I observed was a beginning Latin technique dance class and a Choreography III dance rehearsal. I had never seen a rehearsal or technique class like the ones I have watched before. When I was observing the rehearsal and the technique class, I noticed that they had many similarities and differences. Reasons why I chose to watch a beginning Latin dance class and Choreography III was because I thought it would be entertaining to watch and it fit well with my class schedule. My expectations were pretty high when I picked to observe a beginning Latin dance class, I was expecting the class to have dance moves that are often seen on “Dancing with the Stars.” …show more content…
The rehearsal, uses pantomime and freedom of expression in their dances. One of the main differences between the class and the rehearsal was that the techniques class was all beginners and the rehearsal had either intermediate or advanced level dancers. Some of the other differences I have noticed was that in the beginning technique class, they danced with a partner while moving to the beat of the music. Whereas the rehearsal, uses the tempo of the music. When I was watching the rehearsal, I noticed that most of their dances are very grounded. Before they began their performance, they start off by either sitting or lying on the floor. On the other hand, the Latin dance class remained standing the whole time. In beginning Latin dance, the instructor demonstrates to the class the techniques used in bachata. In Latin dance, they use repetition of steps while dancing to the beat of fast paced music. However, it is the opposite for the rehearsal. When I was observing the rehearsal, we were told that the dancers were given a task and they had to create their own dance to slow paced music. When they were performing, they danced from one end of the room to the other. They did not stay in one place. Another thing I noticed was that in Latin dance, they were shoes. Whereas during the rehearsal, they were either barefoot or had their socks

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