Analysis Of The Four Pioneers

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Some people take dancing more seriously than others. There’s people that dance for fun at parties, there’s people that like dancing a lot so they join a dance team, and there is people that love dancing so much that they even want to major in it. Also, there’s people that are born to dance; they don’t have to try that hard to be about to perform a dance move, and there’s people that have to practice a lot to be able to do a dance move. Well, I am in the middle. I like dancing a lot that I’ve joined dance teams, and I dance when ever I am bored, but no, I am not going to major in dancing. While reading “The Four Pioneers”, I was thinking about what dance means to me. I was having a lot of good thoughts while reading this text.

Reading about Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, and Hanya Holm made me realize how being a good dancer can take you far in life. It’s not about being a great dancer, but to be able to let
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Well,yes, I defiantly learned a lot of beautiful things from reading “The Four Pioneers”. Dance is a lot more than just moving and dancing at a party. Reading about Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman, and Hanya Holm put a lot of new thoughts into my head. They all danced very similar but differently at the same time. They all put their own style, their own personality that made each piece of dance very beautiful and unique. They all had their own ideas and started dancing differently, but yet they all got to be at the same level and be extraordinary dancers and that is what matters. All that dedication, work, and passion they put in payed of, and I think that is what matters the most. Another thing I learned is that there is a lot to learn from observing, reading, and paying attention. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, it is always good to get educated and learn as much as possible and dancing is part of our life so why not learn about

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