Different Forms Of Dance: Happy Dancing Around The World

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Dancing is one of the few things in this world that you can 't put a time table on to find its origin. We can guess that dancing has been around since the beginning of the human race and even before in other species. It is a trait that has been programmed into us as a species. We learned that beauty is pre-programmed trait among people that carries on throughout time from generation to generation. You must thing of another form of beauty other than paintings and sculptures, and that form is dance. Dancing is a form of art where someone can express feelings and emotions or even to inform others by using their bodies. Dance is a very broad topic. Every culture and every group of people have their own dance that relates to them and shows their traditions. Now before we continue, I must say that I am by no means a seasoned dance critique aside from the occasional Dancing with the Stars or America 's Got Talent show, but I still have an opinion when I see art because I am human and it is in my nature. Let 's take a look at different forms of dancing. …show more content…
This video has to be the most important one when comparing different dances. We get a great look at so many different styles of dance from so many different countries all around the world. No dance was exactly alike but he was able to tie then all together to make an amazing video showing just how important dancing really is. It brings people together no matter what our differences may be. There were countries that don 't get along with one another but still all participated to show off their culture. Each country showing off their dance isn 't just for entertainment, it is their way of communicating with the rest of the world. We don 't all speak the same language but they were all still able to tell us about their customs and culture through their movements and

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