Television In American Culture

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Television has long been considered as one of the most prominent aspects of American culture. Since its nascency, the business of television has grown to and transformed itself in many ways. One aspect that has always stayed the same however, is the stronghold of network television. As the industry continues to develop in a myriad of ways, specifically when it comes to technology, the main networks remain dominant in the ratings. ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, consistently lead in primetime ratings over their cable competitors. Each network has developed their own unique brand from which they attract viewer loyalty. This is maintained each year as new Fall shows premier and audiences decide if they become hits or misses. This year, NBC’s new Fall comedy, The Good Place, falls somewhere in …show more content…
Network television has always, up until recently, relied mainly on Nielsen ratings for their profits. High ratings translate into higher paying advertisers, which is how networks make their money as opposed to cable subscriptions. Therefore, it is very important that networks like NBC not lose their viewership due to online or DVR viewers. Currently, Nielsen will add DVR viewers into their equation if the audience sees the show up to seven days after it airs. Past those seven days, those viewership ratings are lost. Online viewership is also not counted in the Nielsen system, which leaves behind a number of millennial viewers. In order to combat this an move forward, NBC should continue to focus on developing their online platform and keeping their content to themselves so they will not lose advertising profits to other online streaming services. Further, to possibly encourage traditional viewership NBC could include social media participation in their shows to entice viewers into watching the show

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