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  • Walter Payton In 'Never Die Easy'

    Walter Payton The person that I would want to meet is Walter Payton. I picked Him because he is my idle and I love football. Walter was a NFL star. He played for the Chicago Bears. I love his autobiography ‘’Never Die Easy’’ He made it to the Hall of Fame. He is in the top 2 best running backs ever. I met Walter Payton at the bears field. It was the super bowl. I was watching him and there was a group of 3000 people. Walter said ‘’ hey do you want to go on the field?’’ I replied ‘’Yes!!!!’’ I watched him in pre-game warm up and I got to throw him a couple of passes. After the pre-game warm up we went out to eat at a pizza place. Walter lived close to the field and we went back to his house so he could show me where he grew up. I saw all his…

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  • Social Issues In Sports

    Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks Today the National Football League seems to be the hot bed of social issues. Every time I turn on the television another football player has struck again. Our society is run by money, power, and status. One of the monsters and leading powerhouses in our society is none other than the NFL. With all the new and growing inventions in our society, groups of men throwing, catching, running, and hitting are some of the top money makers in the world. Although,…

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  • Lambeau Leap Persuasive Essay

    Should the Lambeau Leap be banned? The Lambeau Leap began on December 26, 1993 (Chris Chase). LeRoy Butler (former Green Bay Packer) forces a fumble, picks up the ball and runs a touchdown for twenty-five yards (Chris Chase). With excitement, LeRoy Butler leaps into the arms of happy Green Bay Packer fans at Lambeau Stadium. From this moment, the tradition of The Lambeau Leap starts (Chris Chase). This tradition allows Packer fans to interact with the player who fight each and every Sunday…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Animal Collector

    The Animal Collector In a large enterprise building, the CEO Mr Gregory lies nonchalantly on his revolving chair covered with the lush brown coat of a grizzly bear. He was looking out into the marvelous Settle skyline through a floor-to-ceiling window when his attention was attracted to something else, it was a palm-sized specimen of an endangered mouse-lemur he had recently obtained from Madagascar placed on an elaborate stand on his desk. It had eyes just as bright and lively as it was…

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  • Giant Panda Essay

    The giant panda, also known as panda bear is a bear that is native to south central China. The scientific classification of the giant panda is that it originates from the kingdom: Animalia, phylum: Chordata, class: Mammalia, family: Ursidae, genus: Ailuropoda, and species: A. melanoleuca3. The giant panda has been added to the endangered species list in 2007. Conservation needs to be done by humans to prevent damage to the world that humans have caused. Without conservation, our lives will…

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  • Analysis Of The Bear That Wasn T

    The Bear That Wasn’t by Frank Tashlin expresses the topic and main idea of a bear who struggles with loss of identity. In the beginning of the story,the bear is hibernating, oblivious to the construction of a factory above him. As he emerges from his slumber and walks outside, the foreman yells at the bear for not working. The bear simply replies ‘but I’m a bear.’ The foreman insisted that the bear is a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat. The bear denies it repeatedly, so is taken…

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  • Through Black Spruce By Joseph Boyden: Poem Analysis

    activities. The law keepers in Moosefactory are similarly trapped in the “web” of the Netmakers, this is continuously seen in the novel when the police neglect the crimes against Will perpetrated by the Netmakers. Quotation. For the residents of Moosefactory the only way to survive is to abide to the social laws set by the Netmakers. In Will’s narrative the brown bear is symbolic of the need of community for survival. Will comes across the bear on a run and though initially threatened by the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Bear Hunting

    I am 12 years old and I got my first bear last year. I also got a huge in 2012. My dad wanted to make sure we got the opportunity to hunt bear before bear hunting gets restricted. So, my dad called Shepard Hunting Co. and he said a hound hunt would probably be best for us. All summer I was excited for fall to come and the hunt to begin. We started preparing a week or two prior and the night before we left I could hardly sleep, I was so excited. The next day we left around 11:00-11:30 am and we…

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  • Charmin Commercial Analysis

    For example, the author of this commercial obviously thinks that Charmin is the number one brand for toilet paper. That is all an opinion though because everybody has different tastes. Since the author believes that Charmin is the best toilet paper around, it must also mean that the author believes that it is the softest and longest lasting toilet paper. Another appeal that is used is pathos. The bears set off an emotional aspect that gets the audience to watch the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Newfoundland

    One unique, true thing about me is that I own 5 Newfoundlands. I’ve owned a total of 5 in my lifetime. A lot can be learned from owning Newfoundlands. One of them we own now, Hoosier, is the size of a horse! On 2 legs, he would be about 6 feet tall. He’s a Landseer, meaning he’s black and white. We have bred three litters with our dog Saydee. The puppies are not that commonly bred around here, so people from Iowa, Indiana, and even a family from California have come to buy them! They were bred…

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