Great Chicago Fire: The Great Chicago Fire

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There are many fires around Chicago, but one of the most popular fire is THE CHICAGO FIRE is the biggest fire in Chicago. They say that the fire started at the o'Learys barn but who did it actually . Luis M Cohn was a heavy drinker and gambler. He gambled with the o learys sons. He turned over $35,000 to a school to say that the O'Learys was a fake. The O'learys had a son that was a part of the cause of the fire. To this day scientists don't know what cause the fire but they know that it happen. This essay is all about GREAT CHICAGO FIRE and maybe even more. Now let's go into the great Chicago fire.

Many people think that the o'leary's cow did it. Maybe you think that a comment hit or Peg Leg Sullivan did it. No, and I can tell you why!
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The school showed that Luis was the cause of the fire. Mrs. O'Leary's cow story is not true. He was in the barn with the olearys son Jim and a couple of other boys were gambling in the barn. When suddenly one of the boys accidentally kicked over the lantern then lighting the barn on fire. He was 18 years old when the fire started. His friends story is supported with several facts. There are records Cohn was walking a distance of the O'Learys barn. ( legends and theirs)

The o learys kid (Jim)m when was only 9 years old. His young age must seem to little to be gambling but that was just added to the story to improve Cohn story. Later Jim was going to be ( big Jim) a un tasked human being. He was a heavy drinker to when he was older and called big Jim. Whenever Luis m Cohn drank he would become a new person and a very bad person.

Now that you have heard everything that I had to say, but listen to me hear, you all came for an answer to who or what started the great Chicago fire. Take this into consideration, will a lady be milking her cow in the middle of the night. Will a comet come and hit the O'Learys barn and start the fire. You may think that that darn bad vermin pegleg sullivan did it but no the main culprit is Luis M Cohn, he was the real one. In conclusion I hope that all my information

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