Dangers Of Mobile Phones Essay

How Dangerous is The Cell Phone? If you knew that cell phone usage increased your chances of getting cancer would you continue to use your cell phone? Such a possibility is a potential risk amours all cell phone users. But just think how much have our lives been transformed with mobile phone technology? We can attend to problems at our work place and even at our homes without the need of appearing there physically. Communication has been made easier since the advent of telephone and now cell phones. The use of cell phones by the majority of the world’s population in both developed and developing countries has attracted the attention of researchers with conflicting results about the safety and dangers of the device, and though research findings …show more content…
With almost all cell phones now capable of internet connectivity, criminals are able to use the device to facilitate their criminal activities with ease and even do that over long distance. As a result, the mobile technology has taken a turn to crime where thieves steal these phones from their owners and then easily get a lot of important information regarding their credit cards or automatic teller machines (ATMs). This has seen many acquitted people lose a lot of money to these non-suspected criminals. Indeed mobile phone technology has brought more harm than …show more content…
On health grounds, those who believe cell phones are safe claim that the radioactive waves emitted when cell phone is used is not enough to affect or cause damage to human tissue. Also, researchers found that the use of wireless headphones that allow users to receive or make calls through another device has minimised potentially negative effects from using the technology directly. In addition, research and medical expert findings are still inconclusive if cancer is directly related to cell phone use.
Even though increased crime rate is often associated with cell phone technology, yet the convenience and comfort the technology brings far outweigh the dangers it poses. For example, with cell phone readily available, it’s easy to make contact for help in emergency situations. Also, with cell phone, parents can be a little less worried about their kids and family by being in constant touch with them and caregivers.
In conclusion, the issue of whether cell phones are dangerous or safe is very controversial. They expose users to radiofrequency radiation, contributes to increased crime rates in society, and cause cell phone dependency. However, despite all these dangers, cell phones are not entirely bad because

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