Similarities Between Facebook And Twitter Essay

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Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest social media sites in the world. A lot of people use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with their friends or family members. People spend a lot of hours reading comments, tweets, and checking pictures of their friends. Both Facebook and Twitter are about socializing and information gathering. These networking sites have become an integral part of everyone lives. It is hard to imagine a world without Twitter or Facebook because most of people use these networking sites every day. Facebook and Twitter both have their differences and similarities, although Facebook is better social media because it has many features, instant messaging, games, and more languages. There are several differences between Facebook and Twitter. First, Facebook and Twitter have different features. Facebook has more features like news feed, apps, pokes, wall, gifts, messaging, groups, polls, photos, and games. On the other hand Twitter only has …show more content…
The benefits of Facebook are to keep in touch with people, friends or family members, play games online with friends or family member like Chess, pool, trivia crack, and helps students with their schoolwork. Kevin who is an author observes that “55% used Facebook to contact another student with questions relating to class work; 40% used Facebook to arrange study groups and meetings; and 25% were given Facebook related class assignments.”(Changes in use, Perception and Attitude of First Year Students Towards Facebook and Twitter). The negatives effects of Facebook are cyber-bullying, insecurity, and affect people mood when they compare themselves with their Facebook friends. The positives of Twitter are it is easy to create or understand, people can follow their favorite celebrities, and it is good for breaking news. The negatives of Twitter are no online games, limited to only 140 characters post length, and distraction to some

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