Advantages Of Connect People Essay

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Connect people
One of the main advantages of Facebook is that it connects millions of people with one other. We can talk to our friends, family, relatives, and teachers by using Facebook. It has erased all the differences and distances between people. Facebook messenger give us ability to do instant messages .we can know about the lifestyle of the people who live in other countries and can connect with them. You become socialize. You get to know what is going in the life of your friends. You share their joys and sadness.
For example
The relatives of people who live in far of places or foreign countries can connect with them by using Facebook and can share their pictures. This feature of Facebook connects the people and erases all the distances.
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As I have like the Facebook page of geo and I get mostly news from my Facebook.
Facebook not only make us update or give information about our country but also tells us that what the circumstances of people of world are.
For example
Facebook make us aware of the Problems faced by Syrian.
• Medium of sharing:-
One of the main advantages of Facebook is that we can share anything with our friends family and relative. We can share pictures. We can share our post and ca
Tell people what we are feeling and what is going in our life. We can share videos, songs, games, movies and many things.
For example
A student uploads the lecture on her Facebook page and all the student can get this lecture and share it. There is no need to share this lecture one by one to the student because Facebook gives the advantage of sharing.
• Business
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Instagram give users a convenient way to share a photo or video on several social networking platforms, all from one app. Users can easily uploads pictures onto Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
History of Instagram
The name “Instagram” is a blend of “instant camera” and “telegram”. Instagram is the first photography and video social networking app. Its development began in San Francisco and Kevin Systrom started it with $500,000 on 5th March, 2010. Instagram was launched in 6th October 2010 and founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Kevin Systrom is also a CEO of Instagram. Instagram had a successful story from the very beginning and has 1 million users just in 2 months. The first worldwide instameet was held on 21th March, 2011. In January 2011, Instagram added hashtags to help users to discover photos and each other. 150 million Photos were uploaded with 5 million users on Instagram till 3rd August. On 20th September, V2.0 introduced with 4 new filters that are Rise, Hudson, Valencia and Amaro. Instagram users increase to 10 million on 26th November. Instagram launched Weekend Hashtag Project on 21st November. Instagram was declared as an “iPhone App of the Year” on December9,

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