Argumentative Essay On Facebook

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Like, Share, and Send! Millions of eyes runs across the screen, seeking information, entertainment, and daily gossip every second of the day. Facebook is a worldwide network that is used in today’s society. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook first launched his network, initially the membership was only for Harvard students but then later expanded to the college students in Boston. Then gradually to anyone who is older than 13 years of age. Facebook is an online social networking’s, where you can create profiles, add friends and family from across the world, post and like status, and upload videos and pictures. Facebook has become one of the most used social sites. In August 2015 Facebook had over 1.18 billion monthly active users. People in today’s world get side tracked, as their studies lay flat on the surface of their desk, and their cellular device raises like the O’ Mighty God that they are, as the thought of a human brain says “Five more minutes let me just post this.” Distractions to one’s eye.

According to Reuter, such content is “Being spread like a wildfire” on social media platform. Facebook is like a man eating virus that consumes the purity of teens today. There are things on Facebook that are so vile and people tend to use it as a cyberbullying play land. Facebook which
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Also this network has displayed informational videos for teens to educate themselves on issues surrounding our society. For example, there was an interview done with the most influential leaders of the past Malcom X. It was viewed over 20,000 times, many have comment that it was a very informative, some have even stated that the interview gave them a more understanding of black history. The interview that was conducted, was about the issue on racial segregation and about his views on how the community whether black or white can come to an understanding of

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