Is Facebook Making Us Lonely By Stephen Marche

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In the article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”, Stephen Marche discusses the effects and utility of network in people’s life. Marche establishes how Facebook is making us more isolated and replacing deep connections from society. He also demonstrated that isolation is an option in which we are blinded pushed towards by social networking. As stated by Marche, the things that you post in Facebook are a reflection of yourself.
Facebook has been a medium to help people meet others that are far apart, but it has also turned out to be a way to lock people into solitude. According to Marche, “We meet fewer people. We gather less. And when we gather, our bonds are less meaningful and less easy”. In other words, we are loosing connection between those
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We have made ourselves lonely”. Meaning that people make more than 10 billions of decisions a day and we are the ones who chose to be at home on Facebook or at the restaurant using our phones to be on social media instead of focusing in the outside world, a world that does not belong to the internet. Nonetheless, Marche points out that Facebook is not to be blamed, but the ones who have to control of it. People have the opportunity to choose between one option or another and one big example quoted in this article by Moira Burke is that when we go into Facebook and we see this wonderful images posted on our friends page, we are stuck between a divergent path, either motivation or jealousy. Nevertheless, is our decision to take one path or the other. Even though Facebook does not determine us what to do, it still takes advantage of the dilemma and try making certain decisions easier for us to …show more content…
I personally know that Facebook does not bring anything beneficial to me, but that does not prevent me from using it. It makes me think about what I am doing with my life and sometimes decided stop using it, but other times, when I do not want to do something my first choice is scroll down Facebook to check funny videos or any new post from my friends. What I mostly notice on Facebook is that people do everything to catch someone else 's attention and this is because they do not find themselves doing anything else rather than entertain others. It is sad for me to know that the funniest people on my Facebook page are those who feel more trap to the social media and do not realize how they are isolating themselves from the outside world. As it is shown on Facebook, they seem to be the happiest people on earth, but as soon as Facebook is not part of their life anymore, they are consumed by loneliness. I see Facebook as a way to communicate with others and make new friends, and it is one of the biggest aspect of social networks but, is up to the user to manage how to communicate and how to build a circle of virtual friends that might or might not be able to interact face to face. Facebook provide us with a variety of utilities, but we have to manage ourselves on how to accommodate this tools on our daily life in order to have a balance and healthy

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