Digital Identity

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Digital Identity – What is it?
In cyberspace, each thing that exist within it will be classed as an entity by most. These entities will be considered as everything that is within cyberspace. A digital Identity will give characteristics to said entities. The entities themselves will not be able to be identifiable without the help of a Digital Identity (Abelson, 1998).
So, if we take the following data that is given to us, we will be able to know that a digital identity will refer to one person’s online persona if we are dealing with the topic of social media. Each social networking site has their own type of digital identity but they will all end up being relatively the same in cyberspace.
Let’s take Twitter and Facebook for instance. Both
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Short for Bulletin Board System, these online meeting places were effectively independently-produced hunks of code that allowed users to communicate with a central system where they could download files or games” (Digital Trends Staff, 2016) While this is counted as the first type of social media, it does not compare to the social media that we know today. Digital Trends Staff has outlined that people will be able to communicate together and download files and games, the social media of today can do an enormous amounts more features like being able to have an actual identity with a profile to indicate a better understanding of everyone’s …show more content…
Due to the growth it has created more technology in the way of how it can be accessed and different types of social media.
Users of social media can now usually access their digital identities through pretty much anything that can connect through the internet. Computers have the original method of using a web browser to access the websites, however now people can access it through their smartphones.
Access to social media will require for a user to download an app on their smartphones/tablets and then the social media will be accessed through that specific widget. Each social media will have their own personal widget so that it will make it more manageable that having it all in one.
The growth of social media has also brought through new type of social media. These different types will include social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and MSN Messenger. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses, for example Facebook is a more persona based social media where regular people can create a profile and link up to their friends and chat to each other. While on the other hand, Twitter is used more as for a social media for famous users like Kanye West and Barack Obama to go online and share their

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