The Importance Of Grammar In The English Language

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Throughout time immemorial, Grammar has been among the utmost essential components in the English language. The English language would not similarly exist if grammar did govern the language. If grammar did not control the language, chaos would exist in the language: frequent misunderstandings would be quite common in the language, and individuals would have a certain amount of difficulty communicating to one another. Society as it exists would collapse without proper communication. Communication needs grammar, therefore, on every level of it’s existence. Existence needs grammar, as rapid societal shift occurs when society lacks it.
Primarily, grammar’s absence facilitates a rapid societal shift, since grammar creates a common language. Commonality among language fosters common ideas, and identities among people surrounding similar geographical areas. Such areas create economic markets, thus allowing for the build-up of economic prosperity in their communities: economic build-up begins since locals can understand what each member of their community desires to buy or sell. Without this comprehension, sedimentary societies beyond basic agricultural communities would not form. Modern society depends on grammar, its specific rules that govern its functions, and what defines it as grammar.
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The English language requires prescriptive grammar because prescriptive grammar exemplifies the need to have order and arrangement. Correct and incorrect usage and order are important in prescriptive grammar, and thus to prevent rapid societal shift. Examples exist in everyday sentences and phrases, such as “I’m going over to them house for dinner.” The preceding sentence is incorrect: the proper word is “their”; readers infer the meaning of the sentence regardless of its structure, but the absence of the proper word encourages continuous grammatical breakdown among sections of

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