Nicholas Sparks Influence

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As one of the well-known modern day writers, Nicholas Sparks’ writings make such a personal connection with many because he uses experiences of the common man while adding a mystical touch to entice the reader. Nicholas Sparks was heavily influenced by his life experiences, and experiences of others. The Lucky Oneand Dear John are two of Nicholas Sparks’ books that expose realities of war, a prevalent event in Nicholas Sparks’ life at the time he was writing these novels, while adding a sense of love and fate to the mix. Nicholas Sparks is a twenty-first century writer who uses influences around him to inspire his writing. Such inspirations come from love, war, and fate or destiny.
Nicholas Sparks was born December 31, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska,
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On July 17, 1955 the parks doors opened, creating more excitement after the mystical stories (“A History of The Walt Disney Company”). Disneyland opened only ten short years before the birth of Sparks; however the excitement of the new theme park did not die within those ten short years. Walt Disney Productions were still being made, new books and movies premiering often throughout Spark’s young life, which could have had a huge influence on his personal opinions, and later his writings. The Many know Walt Disney’s movies to be about true love. For instance Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, commonly known fairytale princesses, could only be awoken by true love’s kiss. Not only does Walt Disney believe in true love’s kiss, he includes love at first sight. When Cinderella and Prince Charming locked eyes as Cinderella descended down the stair case there was an instant connection between the two. One last stylistic comparison is how in both Walt Disney and Sparks’ pieces the lovers have to overcome what some could call the daily life to reach the magical world of love. Prince Charming only has a glass slipper left behind from his love, yet he uses to it track her down through the kingdom in order that they may live happily ever after together. In Sparks’ books the fear that the soldiers could die while overseas or how Savannah has already married another man could parallel the obstacles in the Disney

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