Nicholas Sparks Biography

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As one of the well-known modern day writers, Nicholas Sparks’ writings make such a personal connection with many because he uses experiences of the common man while adding a mystical touch to entice the reader. Nicholas Sparks was heavily influenced by his life experiences, and experiences of others. The Lucky Oneand Dear John are two of Nicholas Sparks’ books that expose realities of war, a prevalent event in Nicholas Sparks’ life at the time he was writing these novels, while adding a sense of love and fate to the mix. Nicholas Sparks is a twenty-first century writer who uses influences around him to inspire his writing. Such inspirations come from love, war, and fate or destiny.
Nicholas Sparks was born December 31, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska,
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Patrick Sparks was a college professor, which contributes to Nicholas’s scholarliness. The result of his hard work and dedication to his studies is proven by the fact that Nicholas was the valedictorian of his high school. However, success did not come easy throughout Sparks’ lifetime. Sparks had an unrecognized challenging childhood. Since Sparks’ father was attending school while working and his mother did not work, his family was part of a lower income class. In an interview published in the article ”Nicholas Sparks”, Sparks admits that he grew up on powder milk and potatoes; however he never noticed that his family struggled more than others. Sparks’ family moved around often while he was growing, the family lived in at least five different areas before Sparks reached high school (“Nicholas Sparks”). Later Sparks went on to attend The University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. While attending Notre Dame on a full ride track scholarship, Sparks made an impact by setting a school record his freshman year, which still stands today, twenty-nine years later. However, soon an Achilles heel injury sent Sparks’ on a path of rehabilitation. The devastating injury turned out to be the door opening for his writing. While …show more content…
In a quote from his website, Sparks says “I strive to write novels that feel universal to the majority of people.” (Sparks, Nicholas Sparks). At the time Nicholas Sparks was becoming a big name the United States was entering the war with the Middle East. Not only did this war affect people of America, but the people of the Middle East as well, which meant war was a topic many could relate to.The town Nicholas Sparks lived in was also heavily military footed because it held many forts and bases for the army. One example how Sparks incorporates war and hard times into his works is his book The Lucky One. A marine serving his third tour finds a picture of a young girl in some rubble. This picture goes on to serve as almost a guardian angel, protecting and saving him from many incidents that potentially could have killed him. Later the reader founds out that this marine set out to find the girl in the picture, and it turns out her brother was a marine and that picture was for him. The young girl has lost her brother due to a war effort, which serves to show how common Americans were affected by the war being fought hundreds of miles

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