Sherlock Holmes Accomplishments

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On May 22, 1859 Doyle was born in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to an unpromising family with an unemployed, alcoholic, and violent father. His home life was terrible, but by the time he was seventeen years old, he had become a medical student at a local university. The university quickly became Doyle’s sanctuary from his tragic family life. In the year 1877, Doyle joined a class taught by the most amazing professor, Dr. Joseph Bell, who taught not only about the field of medicine, but also how to uncover a mystery. However, Bell was unaware that he would make such an impact on Doyle’s life and later become a worldwide sensation. A few years later, in 1887, Doyle published a book with a character entirely based off of Bell. This book was called A Study in Scarlet. …show more content…
Holmes’ stories kept everyone wondering if he was a real person, and, in a way, he was. Sherlock Holmes was based off of Joseph Bell, who was Doyle’s professor. Doyle wrote numerous stories about Holmes and his adventures as a detective that many people loved. Unfortunately, on July 7, 1930, Doyle passed away from a heart attack in Crowborough, United Kingdom. Nonetheless, Doyle’s legacy remains today in different T.V. shows, movies, and cartoons that showcase his infamous character, Sherlock Holmes. Readers all over the world still read the extremely popular book series, Sherlock Holmes, by Doyle. Arthur Doyle wrote many short stories in his lifetime, but one of the most appreciated stories was “The Blanched Soldier,” which contained all of the requirements for an outstanding Detective

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