Sherman's March to the Sea

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  • Sherman's March To The Sea

    Noah Andre Trudeau is an American historian born on February 23, 1949, who has written books and produced programs for National Public Radio. He studied history at the State University of New York at Albany. Trudeau has written many books, one of them is Sherman’s March To The Sea. This book is about Sherman’s epic march to the sea. It talk about what he did and who he worked with. Also about how he led more than 60,000 Union troops to blaze a path from Atlanta to Savannah. This book is based on the people who survived the the Southern Storm to vividly describe the war as it was. The March began with Sherman’s troops leaving the city of Atlanta, Georgia, on November 15, 1864, this war was from Atlanta, Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean. The…

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  • Civil War: Sherman's March To The Sea

    Sherman’s March to the Sea I was born on October 5, 1845, in Atlanta, Georgia, and have lived there ever since. On December 11, 1864, my life ended tragically. The Civil War has changed my life for the worst. It all started with Atlanta being shattered. That was when everything in Georgia started falling apart. Atlanta had everything: it was a railroad hub, it had factories, foundries, and warehouses that kept the army equipped with food and weapons. But sadly it got demolished by the Union.…

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  • Sherman's Total War

    Sherman’s Total War Sherman’s March to the Sea and the Carolinas Campaign employed total warfare, an essential tactic to defeating the Confederate Army. Union General William T. Sherman’s plan was a key factor in winning the civil war. His plan was to lead a destructive march to the sea and through the Carolinas, a risky idea. On this brutal march Sherman guarantees success with total war; a tactic he pioneered. The resistance that was left to face Sherman’s army was a picnic for him to defeat.…

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  • General William Tecumseh Analysis

    That was the concept that people have used to describe General William Sherman’s outrageous tactics. History says that the idea of total war did not originate for almost another century until after World War II, but I would argue that it started with the burning of Atlanta, Georgia. Total war focuses on not only one’s enemy, but it also affects the local populous and in this case their support for the secession. General William Sherman did this with a very un-Sherman like tactics. General…

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  • General William T. Sherman's March To The Sea

    General William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea really encompassed nearly the whole State of Georgia. Just as Jackson sought to wage war in an indirect fashion against the political will of the Union to maintain the war by near constant threats to the capitol and by typing up troops, Sherman sought to undermine the civilian population of the south in order to shirk Confederate forces in the Eastern Theater that confronted Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant in front of Richmond and Petersburg.…

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  • What Are The Negative Effects Of The Civil War Unjust

    a seemingly positive outcome, but it took many brutal battles and inequitable decisions to get there. Therefore, the Civil War was an unjust war. Innocent people were affected negatively by the war. Sherman’s March destroyed innocent Southerner’s land and property, and Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Even though there were many negative effects of the Civil War, slavery was abolished by the end of the war. Firstly, the Civil War was unjust because Sherman’s March to the Sea destroyed the…

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  • William Tecumseh Sherman Research Paper

    William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea in 1864 may have lead to our victory for the North, “It may have been an simple plan of action but it was boldly executed.” Before Sherman’s March to the Sea he fought in the Second Seminole War and the Mexican war. He also had two practice runs in Meridian and one with General Nathaniel. Sherman had to go through military school first to be a general. He was in the top six of his class. Then the Union Government invited him to lead the Tennessee army on…

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  • How Did General Sherman's Use Of Total War

    war in his infamous “march to the sea” in 1864. Total war had a devastating effect on the people of the South during the Civil war because it demolished their homes and livelihood. Total war mainly affected women, children, and men unable to serve in the military. These individuals were mostly affected because the rest were fighting the war. The women and children were left behind to care for the home. When General Sherman…

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  • War Of Attrition In The Civil War

    because one side would try to wear down the enemy population in any way possible regardless of some losses. Ulysses S. Grant first used the war of attrition in the Battle of The Wilderness where seven thousand more troops of the union died compared to the confederates death numbers. The most famous example of attrition warfare in the American Civil War was Sherman’s march to the sea. Sherman’s march to the sea represented one of the largest attacks which were purely meant to decrease the…

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  • Genera General Sherman's Cruelty: Total War

    General Sherman once said, “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.” This quote of his rang especially true during his march through Georgia, where he garnered most of his military fame and accolades with the sacking of Atlanta, and the subsequent march from there to Savannah, which served to break the military back of the Confederacy once and for all. Sherman invented a form of warfare that would come to be known as “Total War”; it was…

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