Civil War: Sherman's March To The Sea

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Sherman’s March to the Sea I was born on October 5, 1845, in Atlanta, Georgia, and have lived there ever since. On December 11, 1864, my life ended tragically. The Civil War has changed my life for the worst. It all started with Atlanta being shattered. That was when everything in Georgia started falling apart. Atlanta had everything: it was a railroad hub, it had factories, foundries, and warehouses that kept the army equipped with food and weapons. But sadly it got demolished by the Union. November 15, 1864, Sherman and his troops marched down from Atlanta, destroying everything in their sight. In order for them to win against the Confederate army, they would have to steal all the supplies from the people to demolish the Confederate. They

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    The Civil War had a seemingly positive outcome, but it took many brutal battles and inequitable decisions to get there. Therefore, the Civil War was an unjust war. Innocent people were affected negatively by the war. Sherman’s March destroyed innocent Southerner’s land and property, and Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Even though there were many negative effects of the Civil War, slavery was abolished by the end of the war. Firstly, the Civil War was unjust because Sherman’s March to the Sea destroyed…

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    Plan of Investigation Topic: Was Gen. William T. Sherman’s march to Atlanta, Georgia during the American Civil War a justifiable use of total war? General Sherman’s march from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia was a justifiable use of total war. To prove this, one first needs a clear definition of total war. Total war can be defined as a war in which one side uses all of its available resources to complete its goal at any costs. Sherman’s march to Atlanta fits this definition perfectly, with…

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    written many books, one of them is Sherman’s March To The Sea. This book is about Sherman’s epic march to the sea. It talk about what he did and who he worked with. Also about how he led more than 60,000 Union troops to blaze a path from Atlanta to Savannah. This book is based on the people who survived the the Southern Storm to vividly describe the war as it was. The March began with Sherman’s troops leaving the city of Atlanta, Georgia, on November 15, 1864, this war was from Atlanta, Georgia to…

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