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William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea in 1864 may have lead to our victory for the North, “It may have been an simple plan of action but it was boldly executed.” Before Sherman’s March to the Sea he fought in the Second Seminole War and the Mexican war. He also had two practice runs in Meridian and one with General Nathaniel. Sherman had to go through military school first to be a general. He was in the top six of his class. Then the Union Government invited him to lead the Tennessee army on his March to the Sea. Also he captured Atlanta on September 2. He became major general in the Battle of Shiloh. William T. Sherman started his 450 mile march on November 15th and used the total war tactic, which means destroy everything in his path, to cut Georgia in half. Sherman split …show more content…
Lee and Joseph Johnston had both surrendered to the Union.
William Tecumseh Sherman was born February 8, 1820 and later was orphaned and adopted by Thomas Ewing. As soon as Sherman heard about the Civil War he resigned his job as a superintendent in Florida to help out his brother in St. Louis. Soon after though he was appointed to be a general or commander in the Civil War because he was top six in his military school, although he was sixth in his grade he was good enough to be fourth, but he got about 150 detentions a year. He also married his foster sister Ellen Ewing Sherman. Some of his famous quotes were, "I will not accept if nominated, and will not serve if elected.", “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over”, “Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other.”
“War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.”, “War is too serious a matter to leave to soldiers.”, and “War is too serious a matter to leave to soldiers.” The whole reason why we won the war may have been William T. Sherman’s

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