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  • My Worst Decisions

    During people’s life, they often should make several and difficult decisions which have repercussions forever. “The worst decisions in life we make,” Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote, “are always the one we make out of fear.” I am agree with Ms. Kenyon, but almost all the time when I made decision the fear about if it will be certain or not. Decisions and fears are connected in our brain when we are in this situation. Here is my history. I born and grow up in a warm family in the center of Cuba. My parents and my little brother were my nearest family. They were proud of my academic results and how I developed in the life. At the middle high school, I knew my first and only love. We lived together unforgettable moments and experiences that did our love…

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  • Jenifer Delahunty Britz's Article: To All The Girls I Ve Arg

    The larger issues that come from this disparity are countless. Bias being instituted in order to fill the quotas for men and women being a major one. What makes Britz 's point of view unique is that she holds the position of two key players in this debate. She is the dean of admissions at Kenyon College and a mother who had to explain to her daughter why she didn 't get accepted. Her opening paragraph implements pathos, using her child 's distress she provokes an emotional response. By doing…

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  • America Through History

    historical event. Without history, we have ignorance, and with ignorance, we have chaos. It should be understood that we cannot see America in her true glory or appreciate our freedom and American values until we know the obstacles and hardships that were endured in order to secure the valiant America we live in today. Rather than shun the past, we should carry it with us, strong in our minds and deep in our hearts as we build, invent, conjure ideas, stand alongside our fellow Americans, and…

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