Jenifer Delahunty Britz's Article: To All The Girls I Ve Arg

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In her article "To all the Girls I 've Rejected", Jenifer Delahunty Britz appeals to a broad audience primarily composed by current, future and pasted college students. Although not limited to these demographics, the article primarily aims to console people who have experienced a rejected application. In lieu of conversations about this very personal and sometimes troubling subject, Britz attempts to console and explain why these rejections happen so often to such great candidates.
It 's clear that bias selection jeopardizes students during their application process. Although this is may seem counterintuitive to the applicants: not everyone will get treated equally during selection. This is not fair by any means. But as people in key positions
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The larger issues that come from this disparity are countless. Bias being instituted in order to fill the quotas for men and women being a major one. What makes Britz 's point of view unique is that she holds the position of two key players in this debate. She is the dean of admissions at Kenyon College and a mother who had to explain to her daughter why she didn 't get accepted. Her opening paragraph implements pathos, using her child 's distress she provokes an emotional response. By doing this she appeals to much more significant audience: parents, peers, and most people who have experienced some sort of rejection. In the first paragraph, her personal narrative begins the use of …show more content…
The CU Boulder audience, diverse as it may be, would most likely agree with Britz 's conclusion. Although this may seem like an agreeable point of view, it also seems very unlikely that universities will adopt completely unbiased and fair selection methods in the near future. There simply isn 't a way to have both an unbiased selection and diversity. Different people don 't just fit in perfectly with the expected standards. Ultimately, there will always be a difference between what the perfect student and the real world applicants look like. When taking in for account diversity this is especially true due to different life experiences and opportunities the applicants were

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