Louis P. Pojman The Case Against Affirmative Action Analysis

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Louis P. Pojman argues in his article, The Case against Affirmative Action, that even in extreme cases reverse racism and strong affirmative action are wrong. Pojman differentiates between strong and weak affirmative action and in his article he focus on strong affirmative action. Pojman defines strong affirmative action as preferential treatment to someone based on race, ethnicity, or gender in favor of the under represented groups to get equal rights.
The first argument made for affirmative action that Pojman disagrees with is the role model argument. Pojman disagrees that people need role models of the same race in arguing that role models should be pick based on merit and virtue. He even goes as to say even if people benefit from having
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In terms of the role model argument, I agree with Pojman’s conclusion but do not think all of his arguments are sound. I think Pojman overlooks that most human have an easier time relating and comparing themselves to people who resemble themselves. However, similar to Pojman I do not believe that this alone is grounds for preferential hiring but may be a factor.
The compensation argument that Pojman refutes I feel is a strong assessment. Giving preferential treatment to one races or gender when it comes to hiring or educational admissions, I feel can have negative effects. Those being discriminated may begin to feel they are only be hired or accepted out of pity by another individual, further pushing racial or gender differences. Additionally, I like Pojman think there may be a more fitting compensation other than preferences in hiring or admissions.
In Pojman’s assessment of those innocently benefiting from a past injustice firmly agree with. I do not think someone has a right over someone else simply because someone else was given an upper hand by no fault of their own. If one child is born into a wealthier family I do not think he or she owes it to another child to give away their money. While they may choose to do so I do not think it is required. I really like Pojman’s basketball example and felt it proved what he was

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