Remington Gun Research Paper

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Do you have an opinion on gun control? Are you looking for information on one of the world’s largest firearm producers? Remington has been a top producer of quality firearms for almost two centuries. Remington made firearms for many wars, including the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. They also made many different and reliable firearms.
Eliphalet Remington was born in Suffield, Connecticut, on the 27th of October, 1793 (“Eliphalet” para. 1). Mr. Remington established a mechanical shop at his farm after he and his father moved there in 1816 (“Eliphalet” para. 1). To help build his farm equipment, he constructed a forge and blacksmithing shop (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 2). Blacksmithing and mechanical repair were some things
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Lee in Ilion, New York (McLaughlin para. 44). The center-fire cartridge was developed by Colonel Berdan (McLaughlin para. 55). Also in Ilion, the Eliott magazine pump rifle was perfected for the first time (McLaughlin para. 45). Remington developed one of the earliest machine guns: a rapid-fire naval gun (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 9). Remington also produced a popular double-barreled shotgun, a gun cane that looked like a walking stick, and a portable gun that could shoot a lifeline of up to 200 yards to the upper floors of burning buildings (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 9). There was a long period in which Remington created many different guns, such as the double barreled breech-loading shotgun, and guns with 5 separate barrels fired by a revolving firing pin (McLaughlin para. 45). In January of 1950 Remington announced its new Model 870 "Wingmaster" shotgun, which has become the largest selling pump action shotgun in the world (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 19). Plastic shotshells were introduced by Remington in the 60s (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 23). After a three year development program, Remington released the Model 1100 auto loading shotgun (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 26). In 1998 Remington added the Super Magnum to its line of 870 shotguns (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 49). In 1962 Remington introduced the model 700 bolt action rifle …show more content…
52). E. Remington and Sons was bought by Marcellus Hartley in March of 1888; the company was then renamed the Remington Arms Company (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 8). Delaware is the state in which the Remington Arms Company was incorporated in 1920 (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 11). 1966 was Remington’s 150th year anniversary (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 28). A new Remington headquarters was built in Madison, North Carolina in 1996 (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 47). Remington entered the black powder accessory business in 1996; it was then immediately considered one of the biggest companies in this business (“Remington Arms Company History” para. 47).
The fact that the Remington Company started with one young man, a piece of metal, and a simple idea is truly brilliant. Remington is built on a strong foundation formed by Eliphalet Remington. From shotguns to ammunition, Remington has made high quality products for almost two

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