M1 Garand Rifle

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A. Introduction
Thesis: Many technological advances were made during World War II, but the development of advanced planes, guns, and the nuclear bomb ultimately led to the end of the war by causing mass destruction and millions of casualties.
B. The development of the advanced technological M1 Garand rifle in World War II (helped the infantry soldiers in WWII) essentially help led to the end of the war. The M1 Garand rifle was a highly-acclaimed rifle for the United States in World War II. As the standard infantry rifle of the Second World War, the Garand saw combat throughout theaters in Europe with the United States Army and especially in the Pacific with the United States Marine Corps. The major distinction of the M1 Garand series lay in the acceptance of the weapon system as the first self-loading rifle reaching operational status in the world. This occurred at a time when other national military forces were still relying on the tried and true, albeit slow-loading, bolt-action type rifles. The M1 Garand, however, was not only
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One of the first airplanes to utilize the pressurized cabin was the B-29 Superfortress. The nose and cabin were pressurized, and the specialized cabin provided a steady air pressure and oxygen concentration similar to a lower altitude. This helped pilot safety and comfort. The plane, pilots and crew were able to fly safely at high altitude without risking hypoxia, or low oxygen concentration in the blood. Having a higher concentration of oxygen also reduced the risk of altitude sickness, and the pilots did not have to wear bulky oxygen masks. The steady pressure reduced the chance of barotrauma, or injuries from changes in pressure like ruptured eardrums. Keeping the plane at high altitude reduced the chances of being shot down by enemy antiaircraft guns, too. After the war, pressurized cabins were introduced into passenger

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