The Importance Of Cleaning The Gun

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Guns are a big part of our lifestyle, and as gun owners, we should know how to properly take them apart and clean them safely. We should know how to take care of our guns so that they function correctly. Cleaning our guns insures that they do not malfunction and injure the person shooting the gun. Never cleaning a gun can gum up the firing mechanism make it misfire. Practicing these steps will keep the user out of harm 's way, and the people around them. The gun we will be taking apart and cleaning, will be a basic AR-15. AR-15’s are a magazine fed, semiautomatic rifle, that is chambered in .223. This type of gun is very easy to use and fairly popular. This means that if something were to go wrong, it can be replaced with ease. I would recommend …show more content…
For cleaning the rifle, use Remington Oil (Rem-Oil) and the Remington Pre-Oiled Rag (Rem-Rag) because these items work the best.. For smaller places, or where unburnt powder is caked, a toothbrush works well. A boresnake or patches will also be required. When cleaning a firearm, gloves are optional for the job. Most of the time I wear gloves just keep the grease from my hands off the …show more content…
Then with the Rem-Rag, wipe all of the Rem-Oil off. Doing this takes all of the dirt and grease off the surface of the gun. Now grab the lower receiver and spray moderate amount of Rem-Oil into it. Use the Rem-Oil to get the easy to reach oil, and for the hard to reach places, use the toothbrush. When doing this, make sure all of the Rem-oil residue and powder is off the lower receiver. After cleaning the lower receiver, start on the upper receiver and repeat this same process. For the BCG, spray the Rem-Oil directly on it. The toothbrush only will need to be used for the BCG. Using the toothbrush vigorously scrub all of the dirt and powder off of the BCG. The same thing will need to be done on the trigger mechanism in the lower receiver. To clean the Charging Handle, just wipe it down with the Rem-Rag.
This next part is where the boresnake and patches will come in handy. To clean the rifle barrel, spray a small amount of Rem-Oil down the barrel. Then get the boresnake and run it through the barrel multiple times. A boresnake is a tapered cord that is pulled through the barrel. The material that it is made picks up dirt really well, and it get almost all of the dirt. Now all of the parts are clean we can put the gun back

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