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  • Examples Of Topos Of Righteousness

    A topos of righteousness occurs when an author declares the receptor or prolocutor so. By classifying the figure in this manner, the author legitimates his message through cultic or ethical purity as the figure in the narrative becomes impeachable. This term, paired with justice, occurs in Akkadian literature (kittum u mīs̆arum) as an “ethical ideal,” and the same idea existed in Hebraic thought as the base on which Torah worked. For the authors, God was righteous, and His acts conformed to righteousness. He expected the same of Israel within the covenant relationship (Hos. 10:12). Righteousness therefore becomes the authority by which God’s covenant relationship continues. Second Temple Authors used this topos in two distinct methods that…

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  • Mark Tranvik's The Freedom Of A Christian

    Martin Luther's treatise: The Freedom of a Christian, where Luther contrasts countless religious components - the body (the inner person) and soul (the other person), and faith and works, - these subjects Luther's uses as an attempt to strengthen and return the Christian faith to its true origin. He argues that works have no effect in obtaining righteousness or salvation, instead it is a natural product of humanity. Instead, acknowledging that salvation is and righteousness is solely…

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  • Doctrine Of Justification

    But the action of having faith, is not the justification itself. Belief alone does not save us but rather, Jesus giving us this gift of grace of his own free accord saves us. We are justified by grace, through faith. McRay writes that “Paul argues that justification by faith means, not the antithesis of works righteousness as subsequently construed in the Protestant Reformation, but rather that Gentiles have direct access to God without having to go through the law and thus become Jews” (McRay,…

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  • Righteousness In The Old Testament

    Righteousness in the Old Testament The concept of the “righteous man lives by faith” can be read in Habakkuk 2:4 and in Romans 1:17 by Paul; which forms the key in Paul’s theological discussion in both the book of Romans and Galatians (Guthrie , 1981, p. 498). How Paul interpreted this passages would, in the view of Donald Guthrie (1981, p. 498), put forward that there is a strong influence of the Hebraic idea that the righteous man is one who God accepts; Paul however extends this to see its…

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  • Righteousness In The Book Of Romans

    It gives a lot of insight on how we are actually supposed to live and act and it is also more straightforward. I mean how are you supposed to live a righteous life if you are never given an example to go by? The book literally tells you what is righteous and what is not. Righteousness doesn’t happen overnight, but instead over time as sanctification is also happening. Though it may be insane to think about being a slave to righteousness, it almost makes perfect sense. If you are willing to be a…

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  • Righteousness In The Ramayana

    honesty, lies, evil, and righteousness. In The Ramayana, righteousness is defined as commitment to duty, something that is shown by Rama and Sita in their undying loyalty and faith to their family members, people, and the commands of the Gods. Their righteousness is determined in different ways and is judged by different people, but in the end their family members, the Gods, and people of the kingdom agree that Sita and Rama are righteous people, shown through the respect that Rama and Sita…

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  • Saladin: Righteousness Of Religion

    Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub aka Saladin, (1138–1193) was born in Tikrit, Iraq. Saladin (meaning "Righteousness of Religion"), was the founder of the Ayyūbid dynast. With the justification of Jihad, which united the Muslims, and his authority gained through conquest and diplomacy, Saladin gained victory at the decisive Battle of Hattin, which ended the dominance of the Franks in the holy land. In addition, the Franks were fighting amongst themselves which diminished their strength and led to…

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  • Self Righteousness

    shopping at vintage and thrift shops to solely eating organic and vegan foods, not because they truly want to, but just for the sake of being viewed as more unique than the average person. Now, there are some people who are genuinely interested in the non-mainstream stuff, but when a subculture is created, that means that it has become a lifestyle rather than a personal choice. Likewise, this sense of superiority and wanting to be different relates to the behavior of the Prince in Ashva-ghosha’s…

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  • Justice And Righteousness In The Mosaic Law

    JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS IN THE MOSAIC LAW “Little children, let us not love in word or speech but in deed and in truth.” , With these words, John the beloved exhorts the Church community to look beyond themselves and to care for the needs of the people around them. The needs are plentiful in a world that has departed from its initial idyllic state and love is a tool that works to bring about its healing and restoration. Love requires action. This concept is not unique to the Apostle, but…

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  • Friendship And Righteousness In Hoot, By Carl Hiaasen

    A novel about friendship and righteousness, Hoot contains factors of comedy and drama fit for young adults. Written by Carl Hiaasen, this novel was written in 2002, which was later released as a movie in 2006. This was his first work of young adult literature, which won a Newbery Honor award in 2003. Hiassen has received numerous awards throughout his career, obtaining four as a journalist and nine as a writer. Most of his literature focuses on environmentalism, Florida, and political…

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