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  • Personal Narrative: The Most Important Things In My Life

    My life has not been as rough as one may think. It’s been a small roller coaster ride throughout the years for me. The three things I value the most are my car, my house my wedding ring and lastly my loving and caring husband. These things to me are important to have and they are the top thingsthree things on my list of the things I value. I am writing this to you my future children because I feel like it is an important part for you to know of who I am and what I valued the most in my life. I came about this when I was in my 20’s. I had just met your father, we became instant friends like peanut butter and jelly. It was your father who opened my eyes to see the world and who showed me that life isn’t just about the parties. Your father taught…

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  • Gold Necklace Problem

    when he was ten years old he moved to America to start a new life. When I was born I got a gold necklace from him with gold charms on it. In a bunch of my baby pictures and in some of my school pictures from elementary school I’m wearing the necklace. One of the charms on the necklace is the cornicello, which translated from Italian means “little horn”. The charm almost looks like a golden pepper and that’s what most people who aren’t Italian think is around my neck. The horn is an amulet of…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay

    He bent his head 20 degrees downward. His right hand strength forward about 10cm and then he bent all the top knuckles 90 degrees, middle knuckles 20 degrees and lower knuckles 10 degrees, so that the four finger tips pressed on one side of the paint dish, meanwhile the knuckles of the thumb bent didn’t bend and the fingertip of the thumb pressed the other side of the paint…

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  • Wonho: A Short Story

    through his body and for a while you relinquished control to him. As he guided your head back up, you let your teeth drag gently up his member and he moaned. He attempted to push your head down again, but you resisted and instead decided to focus on the head as you pumped him. His moans grew louder and his breathing became more shallow as he neared climax, he roughly pulled you away and up his body into a rough kiss. His tongue plundered your mouth as he maneuvered you under him and he urgently…

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  • Rosie: A Short Story

    Her name is Rosie and she is placed on my right hand, ring finger. She is a sterling silver, heart shaped diamond ring. She is a size 7 and is from Kay Jewelers. There are little diamonds that make up her shape. Rosie has been with me since April 1, 2015 and has never left my finger, but still managed to get a couple of scratches on her. Everywhere I am, Rosie is. I guess it is true what people say, diamonds are really a girl’s best friend. Rosie has a sentimental value and is worth more…

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  • Difference Between Facilitator And Teacher

    their small group. If they come up with their own rules, they are more likely to obey them. Examples could be: only one person speaks at a time, be respectful of others, what is said in here stays in here, sometimes you have to agree to disagree, etc. OR Five Finger Contract: o Pinky finger represents safety (both physically and emotionally – no hitting or punching, also no derogatory jokes or snide remarks). o Ring Finger represents commitment – staying committed to the group and the…

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  • Reflection Of Nursing: A Life Review For Nursing

    different. But, the good times were when she was “going steady” with her boyfriend Danny. She was a junior when she started dating him. They had a lot of fun together, they would go to dances, and she wore his class ring on her finger. She had to put tape around it so that it would fit her finger. Her first crush was in grade school when Billy gave her a Kit Kat bar in class. My Grandma stated that she does not believe in premarital sex, and she believes marriage should be between a male and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Three Injuries

    Back when I was in the fifth grade. I had three injuries back to back. First I broke my index finger, then ring finger, and finally my right collar bone. The first two where due to sports, but the last one was due to the fact that I was stupid. So pretty much I stayed hurt in fifth grade. I had found it to be so hysterical that all my injuries happened on my right side of my body. Well let me explain how I got them three injuries. Well, I have played baseball from Tee-ball from Babe…

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  • Learning Something New

    passed, everyone was in front, but me. I was still standing in the back like a fifty-pound rock that could not be moved without the help from others. At that moment the instructor acknowledged me gracefully. After the instructor introduced himself a couple of the peers walked over to me and introduced themselves, knowing that I am nervous about learning new things they softly patted me on the back and told me with confidence that they do not know how to play guitar either. I felt more at ease…

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  • Essay On Promiscuity

    Can you predict promiscuity by looking at fingers ? Introduction “Imagine predicting if your partner is promiscuous simply by looking at their hands” . Throughout this essay there will be, a description on digit ratio 2:D 4:D, a description on what is promiscuity?, evidence that proves promiscuity can be predicted through digit ratio 2:D 4:D , research about unfaithfulness promiscuity and prostate cancer, Study on promiscuity and androgens, Can you predict promiscuity by looking at fingers?…

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