Ring-tailed Lemur

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  • Primate Characteristics

    their shared ancestor. Lemur catta, more commonly known as the ring-tailed lemurs, are a species of primate. Ring-tailed lemurs are from Madagascar, an island off the southern tip of Africa and are not located anywhere else in the world (Lang, 2005, para. 4). The climate where they live is seasonal, so they experience periods of rain, cold, and heat, which has affected their behavior and eating habits. Ring-tailed lemurs’ diet mainly consists of fruits and insects. During colder months, they sit upright to bath in the warmth of the sun (Lang, 2005). Besides these traits, ring-tailed lemurs have several distinct characteristics that make them a primate, and some of their traits and behaviors have been adapted to suit their environment and aid in their survival. To be considered a primate, ring-tailed lemurs must exhibit certain general traits that distinguish them from other non-primate species. Like almost all primates, ring-tailed lemurs have two eyes that face forward and the ability to sit and stand upright. They move in their environment mainly through walking on the ground with both their hands and feet, but they also climb trees to sleep or…

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  • Why The Fat Tailed Gentle Dwarf Lemur Of Western Madagascar

    known as the fat tailed dwarf lemur of western Madagascar is a primate belonging to the Strepsirrhini suborder, lemuriformes infraorder and the lemuroidea superfamily (Larson, 2008). This little primate is known to go into a state of hibernation, a physiological state of inactivity and metabolic depression in mammals where body temperature, metabolic rate—including breathing and heartbeat—slow down. Hibernating on a tropical island may seem odd, but the fat tailed lemur has its reasons for…

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  • The Monkey And The Crocodile Analysis

    The Monkey and the Crocodile A monkey named Raktamukha lived on a Jamun tree in the dense forests of India. The monkey was happy in his life spending most of the time jumping around on trees. This Jamun tree was on banks of a river which was home to a crocodile named Karalamukha. Karalmukha used to come on the banks and gradually he and the monkey became very good friends. Few days past, and their friendship grew stronger. Raktmukha used to pluck fruits from the tree and used to give it to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Tell Me About Myself

    I had a customer who wanted an engagement ring we had for sale but, we didnt have it in her size. I 've only covered the jewlery department for breaks so I don 't have much knowledge about it. So we went through several other rings to try them out only to find we only carry a standard size 7 ring. I too the info about the ring down and called up our other kmart stores to inquire about other sizes. Unfortunately I found all kmart stores only carry in the size 7. So I asked manage managment on our…

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  • Application Of Group Theory

    Leadership are task to led and ensure that projects are complete effectively for organization. There are many different ways in which these tasks can be accomplish. However, a leadership cannot lead without having people to led, not just the right people but those that fits the overall Unit persona. In order for this process to happen within a unit leadership should apply a few practical application of group theory. Group theory is a tool leadership can use to develop effective groups through…

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  • Pandora Jewelry Case Study

    Product Pandora jewelry offers a variety of charms and bracelet products. The products are divided into five categories, namely jewellery, Charms, Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings, and Necklaces and Pendants. The materials used are clearly specified in 14k gold, sterling silver, glass, enamel, and Pave to build buyer's confidence. As for Pandora, although jewellery for occasions like valentine's day can also be found, there are more special design and combination products that can be used for…

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  • Essay On Nimb

    unsafe when they walk alone at night near their communities. There comes the need of a security device which can secretly notify people when they are in trouble. Nimb has as a team of five, Leo Bereschansky (founder and CEO), Nick Marshansky (founder and CMO), Alex Medvedev (CTO), Kathy Romanovskaya (communications director) and Davor Tomic (sales). Leo Bereschansky,CEO and Founder launched a smart ring device – Nimb that allows for sending an alert signal to any family members, friends or to…

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  • Difference Between Facilitator And Teacher

    participants create the discussion; it is a student-centered approach to learning. During your time at GIRLS Academy, you are a facilitator – teaching the girls how to think, not what to think - you help make the magic happen! Facilitator Best Practices • Set some ground rules. Have participants create some ground rules for their small group. If they come up with their own rules, they are more likely to obey them. Examples could be: only one person speaks at a time, be respectful of others,…

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  • How Is Bilbo Baggins A Hero In The Hobbit

    Bilbo, now much unlike the normal hobbit, is able to think quickly and kill in dangerous situations, like he does by luring the spiders away from the dwarves and then hurling rocks at them. “The idea came to him to lead the furious spiders further and further away from the dwarves, if he could; to make them curious, exited and angry all at once” (158). He has gained the dwarves’ respect and increased his physical abilities with the help of Gollum’s ring. Bilbo shows his wits and…

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  • Symbolism Of Savagery And Civilization In Lord Of The Flies

    Symbolism of Savagery and Civilization in Lord of the Flies The use of symbols and imagery in literature allows the audience to engage themselves in the novel. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies portrays the diverse aspects of humanity through detailed symbols. The symbol which gives the novel its name, the severed pig’s head on a stick, and Simon’s encounter with it, visually displays the sadist side of humanity and the temptation of evil. From the beginning of the novel, the child-like fear…

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