The Monkey And The Crocodile Analysis

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The Monkey and the Crocodile
A monkey named Raktamukha lived on a Jamun tree in the dense forests of India. The monkey was happy in his life spending most of the time jumping around on trees. This Jamun tree was on banks of a river which was home to a crocodile named Karalamukha. Karalmukha used to come on the banks and gradually he and the monkey became very good friends. Few days past, and their friendship grew stronger. Raktmukha used to pluck fruits from the tree and used to give it to Karalmukha and he used to enjoy the fruits. One day, the crocodile thought that it would be good idea to take some fruits back home for his wife.

His wife enjoyed the fruits and wanted to have more of them. She used to say, “I love the fruits
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He lied the monkey and did not tell him that his wife had plans to kill him and the monkey jumped on his back into the river. On their way, the crocodile told the entire story, but by this time the monkey could not go back as they were in middle of the river. The monkey was smart and told the crocodile that he has forgotten his heart on the Jamun tree and would need to go back to the tree to get it. The crocodile believed him and turned back to the tree so that the monkey can get his heart back. Once they reached the riverbed, the monkey climbed up to the highest branch of the river and never came down. He told the crocodile “You are a foolish and unfaithful friend. You decided to cheat your friend and lied to me and I tricked you to save myself. Go away and never come …show more content…
One must think using his head and not his heart. Even the closest of allies can break your heart. One must try to survive through all odds and live beyond all the difficult situations in one’s life. At the same time it is important for a leader to be objective – he should be less emotional and more practical. We have seen in the past many leaders making strong decisions being more practical.
To exemplify, we can talk about Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, a Soviet Navy Officer, who ensured that his quick, on the fly and practical thinking saved humanity from a major war. It was during the time of cold war when Arkhipov was in a nuclear capable submarine and had the capacity to damage an entire city by itself. While this nuclear-armed attack submarine, B-59 was in the Carribbean Sea, a U.S. battle ship wanted this ship to come back to the surface and accordingly started to through depth charges. The captain of B-59 though that this was an attack from the U.S. battleship and decided to launch the nuclear torpedo. At this point in time, Vasili Alexandrovich stood up, thought through the situation and took a quick and practical decision. He convinced the captain to not launch the torpedo immediately and surface the submarine. As a result of which he was able to stop a potential nuclear war between the then USSR and USA. This saved the entire world from World War

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