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  • Personal Narrative: A Vacation In Rio Grande Valley

    I've lived in the Rio Grande Valley my whole life. Ever since I could remember, I had never been outside these valley roads. I had always dreamed about what a vacation would be like. I ustheir ed to have friends all the time tell me about their trips to San Antonio, Houston, and Florida , just to name a few. I came from a lower class family of five so a vacation was never an option for us. Once I turned seventeen years old, I got my first job. I would help the family out as much as I could, but at the same time I was saving so I can get out of here for a bit. I ended up saving about seven - hundred dollars. I put the money towards a vacation to San Antonio along with a close friend of mine , Ashley. Ashley had been to San Antonio thousands of times. I was just so happy that I would get the chance to leave the valley at least once in my life, and I was glad it was with her.After all the planning with this trip, the date finally came when we would go. I was super excited that morning. Ashley didn't understand why I was so excited since, like I said, she had been there a thousand times so it really wasn't even considered a "vacation" to her. It was just getting out of the valley that got me excited; I really didn't care too much where it was, so regardless it was a vacation to me. We got up…

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  • Liquefied Natural Gas Case Analysis

    Brownsville Ship Channel from the same point of entry. In addition, LNG waiting export will be stored within four LNG storage tanks on site. The entire RGLNG site will approximately span 1,000 acres with central coordinates Latitude: 26° 1’ N, Longitude: 97° 15’ W("Rio Grande LNG - Project…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Manifest Destiny

    The Manifest Destiny certainly had good intentions. The idea that the United States was destined for greatness and expansion beyond the current borders was a substantial idea. However, enacting these ideals quickly turned into an oppressive era for surrounding territories not seized by the united states. The United States hastily settled the dispute over Oregon with Britain, not to avoid conflict, but to deal with conflict arising in the southwest. Mexico urgently broke ties with America right…

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  • Chihuahuan Desert Essay

    Where the earth’s crust and lithosphere have pulled apart and created the Rio Grande river, multiple mountain ranges, and the Potrillo volcanic field. It is typical to find lime calcareous soils throughout the dry hot desert. As mentioned before the Chihuahuan Desert is mainly surrounded by the Sierra Madre Oriental (east) and the Sierra Madre Occidental (west). There are many more mountain ranges that have built up over time, including: the Sierra del Carmen, the Organ Mountains, the Franklin…

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  • Essay On The Black Bean Attack

    The black bean episode, or the black bean lottery, was the result of the Mier expedition. Alexander Somervell had led his militia to raid border towns, such as Guerrero and Laredo, and decided to quit due to the fear of a deadly clash with Mexican troops. Only 189 troops listened to his orders and went on the long journey back home. Over three hundred troops continued on their journey with their new leader, William S. Fisher. The Texans decided to cross the Rio Grande River and enter the town…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley

    Realizing who I was has made me become a louder, confident speaker because before a lot of my peers (even teachers) would call me quiet. They have even admitted to my face that if I were an animal I would be a small, squeaky mouse. This identity that was made-up by my high school peers frustrated me, but it never really pushed me to change. Nonetheless I believe finding my individuality is what helped me in my decision in going to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I wanted to show my…

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  • James Mccaffrey's Army Of Manifest Destiny

    James M. McCaffrey, the author of the historical novel “Army of Manifest Destiny: The American Soldier in the Mexican War 1846-1848”, writes about American soldiers during the Mexican-American War. The Mexican-American War was a huge contribution to the history of the United States and what it is today. He describes America’s first foreign war, the Mexican-American War, through the day-to-day experiences of the American soldiers in battle and camps. McCaffrey states “The purpose of the present…

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  • Mexican War Essay

    growing rapidly so there was a desperate need for land to accommodate its growth. Walter Nugent’s “YES” commentary, California and New Mexico, 1848-1848: Southward Aggression II, states that if Mexico had been a stable country then the volatility in California, President Polk aggressiveness and claims for the Rio Grande would have a different outcome. An army was sent to the Texas border of the Nueces River near Corpus Christi left the commander for the soldiers to wonder if he was in the States…

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  • Spanish Colonization Of Texas Dbq Analysis

    traveled just to steal the missions’ supplies. I believe the main reason that Spain nearly failed was because the missions did not function well enough; they were not able to convert natives. Evidence suggested that there were not many natives willing to be converted (Document C.) Life at the mission was terribly boring work, and many natives left their positions at the missions. The colonization of Texas depended on the cooperation of the Indians because settlers from Spain could feel…

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  • The Use Of Nationalism In Ernest Renan's What Is A Nation

    (Paz 26). Therefore, Mexico too knows that these characteristics cannot define their nationalism. Mexico is rich in both past and present hardships that can be considered as moments that shaped their nation. Of these hardships, which did not aid in the production of Mexicanidad? Out of these hardships there are a few that need to be overcome in order for a nation to develop and thrive. In researching the Mexicanidad, one of the biggest and most influential hardships that the Mexican people as a…

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