Application Of Group Theory

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Leadership are task to led and ensure that projects are complete effectively for organization. There are many different ways in which these tasks can be accomplish. However, a leadership cannot lead without having people to led, not just the right people but those that fits the overall Unit persona. In order for this process to happen within a unit leadership should apply a few practical application of group theory. Group theory is a tool leadership can use to develop effective groups through the understanding of group structure, effective use of communication, and conflict resolution theory.
Group Structure
Group structures within the Marine Corps is normally develop from the institutional leadership and small unit leaders does not have the
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Group are collection of individuals whose interaction are structured by norms and rolls” (Johnson & Johnson 2013, pg 7). In theory there are four types of groups. A pseudogroup is a group that consisted of member put together to work but have no vested interest in doing so. The second type of group is a traditional working group in which members asked how to do their jobs. The next group is an effective group where members are commit to success and group goals. The fourth group is a high performance group is a group with member’s level of commitment is is higher wards each other then that of an effective group. So in general leader and organization prefer a high performance group but in reality there are more effective group then high performance. The question become, why most group are considered a effective groups? Well high performance groups have significant high level of commitment and they are ‘rare since most never achieve this level of development” (Johnson & Johnson 2013, pg …show more content…
In reality it can be stated that communication is most significant part of a leader ability to function. Furthermore, having an open communication is key role in developing effective group. To accomplish multiple tasks leaders uses several different forms of communications, email Phone calls, or any documents that convers information to the group. To understand how communication affect groups its imperative that leaders know “communication is a simultaneous process in which members receive, send, interpret, and infer all at the same time.” (Johnson, Johnson 2013, pg 73) All message to the group should clear, complete, specific, redundant and comes from a leader that has

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