Cleaning A Rifle Essay

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There are a lot of people, both young and old, who are coming into the ownership of guns. Whether it is for hunting, or shooting sports at some point or another they have all shot a firearm. When you shoot a firearm it gets dirty so it needs to be cleaned. For those people who are just getting into firearms they may not know how to clean a rifle. Cleaning a rifle is an easy process that ensures a long life for a rifle with only a small amount of time invested every so often.
The first step to cleaning any rifle is to get the necessary materials required to do so. You will need a gun cleaning kit; which comes standard with either a cleaning rod or cable, cleaning patches, the metal attachment that attaches to the end of the cleaning rod or
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Put a cleaning patch onto the end piece according to the direction given inside your kit. Different kits tell you to attach them different ways. Run the patch up and down the barrel of your rifle a few times then pull the whole thing out. Replace the patch and repeat the process until the the patch comes out clean or at least with a very small amount of powder on it. After you have done that you will need to disassemble your cleaning kit and put it back into its container, and throw away all of the dirty patches.
Next you must clean the bolt. If you were able to remove the bolt from your rifle this step will be easy. Take one of the cleaning patches and wipe down all the surfaces of the bolt. Place the bolt back in the rifle the same way you removed it or release the bolt lock and allow the bolt to close.
Finally you take a soft rag and some gun oil and rub the outside of the gun making sure to coat all of the surfaces in a very thin layer. This will clean off any dirt on the outside of the gun as well as helping to prevent rust.
When it comes to cleaning a rifle it is not as complicated as it might seem at first. You just need to follow a few simple and easy steps to ensure a long and rust free life for your gun. If you follow these steps religiously every time you fire your rifle, you will have that rifle for many years to

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