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  • Glock 17 Case Study Answers

    CASE STUDY: GLOCK 17 The Glock 17 is a striker fired, short recoil, locked breech semi-automatic pistol with a polymer frame. Conventional pistol designs typically deploy a pivoting hammer in the rear of the pistol’s frame that impacts a firing pin mounted in the slide. Striker fired pistols replace this two piece assembly with a single linear spring loaded striker assembly housed completely in the slide. EXPLODED VIEW CONFIGURATIONS CALIBRE/SYSTEM:…

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  • Why Is Airsoft Better Than Paintball

    paintball,and it costs less. Airsoft guns are replicated after real guns. Airsoft guns are replicated after multiple kinds of guns. They replicate guns after mainly the m4 carbine, and other various assault rifles.They also replicate guns after rifles like sniper rifles or AR’s. Also use Submachine guns (SMG) (AirSplat). Airsoft is safer than paintball. You don't necessarily need as much protection.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Why Are You So Quiet?

    Why are you so quiet? My plump fingers pinched the unruly grain of rice. I plopped the grain onto the top of the correct pile, and then I sifted through the other heaps of rice. The short hand on the clock slipped downward as the stench of Lysol wafted through the air. Adults frantically slathered disinfectants on the surfaces of the tables. The other kids were probably frolicking through the damp leaves, wiping their flu-infested snot onto the sleeves of their sweaters. Inside, I inspected…

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  • Reflective Essay: An Important Place

    Many people have a place that is extremely special in their eyes. It could be a spot where they killed their first deer, high school football field, or any place they hold dear to their hearts. When they look back on experiences and memories, there is that one special spot that sticks out. When we think of our significant place we are easily to describe the feelings we grasped from past memories, and exactly what the place looked like. At first thought, our significant place is flawless, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Deer Hunting

    Around 150,900,00 people hunt every year.("Home.") I am one of them that hunted this year. I have been hunting since I was about 4. The first thing I hunted was pheasant with my dad. I have been hunting deer since I was 8. I just started snow goose hunting last year. My favorite thing to hunt are snow geese, deer, and pheasant. My favorite thing to hunt is deer. Deer hunting is fun because you get so much of any adrenaline rush when you actually shoot one. The first year I went deer hunting I…

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  • Air Rifle Research Paper

    How to Keep Pest from Your Land with Air Rifle Overview Pests can prove to be a real nuisance when the attack your farm. They can destroy the crops in your farm leading to huge losses. Pests can also be a safety concern for the family. Some can prove to be a real danger even to human beings. To keep pests away and protect crops on your land, one effective method is with an air rifle. An air rifle that combines good accuracy and speed has the ability to harm pests and keep them from your land. To…

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  • Gun Violence And Gun Control Laws

    Gun violence is a hot controversial issue in the US; the Democratic Liberals want stricter gun control laws while the gun raising NRA members want their rights protected. These two groups have polar opposite views on solving gun violence. Liberals want to remove guns in total while the NRA wants to arm more rightful Americans for defense. Both groups have some good ideas, but the general public needs to understand that the answer isn’t less guns. Being an avid trap shooter and hunter myself, I…

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  • Gun Control Laws Pros And Cons

    violence…” to show that he would prefer less guns in the world in order to prevent more violent acts. Although assault rifles, when misused, are…

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  • Reflective Essay On Rifle Scopes

    In this week’s lesson I, continue my third article reflection on Diagnosing Hunting Rifle Accuracy. In the first two articles I, was shown how to improve a customer’s accuracy. In this article I, reflect on accuracy with rifle scopes. There are many conditions that will impact a shooters accuracy such as; bodily fatigue, weather conditions, equipment and poor shooting fundamentals. I, always get tired of hearing the unbelievable shooting stories that are like fishing and catching a fish that…

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  • Gun Control Laws Persuasive Essay

    Prior to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October of 2014, one officer requested a Taser to better diffuse the conditions. No officer near the scene had another non-lethal way to deal with the situation at hand (Give Cops). This is exact testament contributes greatly to the need for gun control laws–even in law enforcement. There are those who support gun control laws in the United States and there are those who oppose gun control laws. Gun control laws should not violate a…

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