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  • Gun Violence Is The Cause Of Mass Shootings

    Gun violence with has been the cause of the deaths of many American adults and children. According to BBC News, there were about 372 mass shootings in the United States in the year of 2015. There was 2015 Umpqua Community College shooting that had killed ten people and wounded 20 by the end of the day. People thought of the shooting with a collective shrug which means that they saw it as another common occurrence and ignored it. The collective shrug shows how America has been comfortable about…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun And Gun Control

    Gun control is a controversial topic to be talked about considering the pros and cons that come along with it. The pros being the control of having a gun in order to have a sense of protection, our right to bear arms and less death rates. On the other side cons being restricting a person to their own personal safety and diminishing personal hobbies such as hunting, and job related activities by not having guns being allowed at all. Guns come with responsibility and consequences that can occur if…

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  • Argumentative Summary: Hunting Throughout The World

    Daniel Innes October 24, 2017 Mrs. Treese Period 3 Argumentative Research Paper Hunting throughout the entire world is not just a sport or hobby; it is much, much more. It is a tradition that is past down from generation to generation. Hunting puts food on the table for families or villages. For example, in West Asia, there was also a tradition of ritual lion hunting for the king. In Northern Europe in the middle Ages, kings kept whole forests for their own private hunting use: (Carr).…

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  • Personal Narrative-Ted Bear The Pyromaniac

    Ted Bear the Pyromaniac You might have seen me on my old television show Bear Grills back in my glory days. Now that I have left the public life, I can finally follow my dream of becoming a park ranger for the most pristine forest in North America, Rocky Mountain National Park. So I did just that and have been wandering the superb mountain range for the last four years. Recently I have found out how much better things are when they are cooked. I use To eat everything raw, including bugs, fruit…

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  • Sioux Tribe Weapons

    The Sioux Tribe’s Weapons The Sioux Tribe used many different materials to create their own weapons. Their weapons were used for different purposes, such as hunting and fighting. Some weapons include bows, arrows, and spears. One of the mostly used weapons in the Sioux Tribe is a double curved bow, which was used for fighting and hunting. This Sioux bow is double curved and has red flannel at the handle and at the curves in the limbs.These bows were prepared according to the length of each…

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  • Informative Essay On Gun Free Zone

    be killed by hammers than by shooting. The elimination of all gun-free zones would allow these law abiding citizens to carry guns and provide a greater protection for everyone. An individual who legally possess a firearm, which is defined as a rifle, shotgun or hand gun is required by federal law to pass through a licensing process which includes a background check. This process is required before purchasing any firearms. Though the licensing process does vary state by state, the process…

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  • Mass Shooting Summary

    The op-ed piece “Mass shootings are an American problem. There’s an American solution.” was written in response to the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. On September 30, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a gunman opened fire on attendees at a country music concert, killing 58 and injuring well over 500. Published just four days later, at a time when emotions are heightened and people are searching for answers to the questions of how and why such a horrific event could occur, Chris…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Spending A Day In Hunting

    Some people think spending a day in the woods is relaxing and peaceful. I used to think that as well, until I went turkey hunting. Spending a day in the woods hunting with my brothers was frustrating, hard, and aggravating all at the same time because of the mistakes I made. It was a life changing experience. Hunting will get your blood pumping and your heart racing you’ll end up wanting to go turkey hunting more than you ever thought you would. You might think it’s a little insane to wake up at…

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  • Gun Control Argument Analysis

    they were successful, it is because the shooter is done shooting or they simply run out of ammunition. In one other instance an armed civilian, who also happens to be a firearm instructor tried to stop a shooter who was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and wearing body armor. In that incident the good intentioned armed civilian died. Additionally, participation of armed civilians in stopping crimes would make it a little more problematic for the law enforcement people responding as they would…

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  • Trophy Hunter Research Paper

    scene. Later on, they paid tribute to one of the best professional hunters to ever visit Zimbabwe. Fellow group members drank to the memory of a man that they said was a fine hunter and honest man. - A picture of Ian posing with ivory tusks and a rifle. According to Paul Smith, several people are killed during big game hunts each year. It is notoriously dangerous, but people know that they are taking a risk when they go on the hunt. More importantly, Zimbabwe desperately needs the money from…

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