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  • Operation Atlantic Support Case Study

    improvements that would prevent land erosion, improve drainage, and reconfigure trails to enhance Home Station Training support. He has earned many accolated for his Home Training experience and for formulating training events for the 12 Combat Aviation Brigade and many other units conducting Home Station Training at Oberdachstetten. 2. Mr. Viegas has taken the initiative to assist in the RTLP program by designing and providing lessons learned from his previous deployments to OAR. His experiences helped the process on constructing a new hand grenade course since the previous course did not meet FM 3-23.30, chapter 4-2 specifications. The course also gives soldiers the capabilities to train at home station and meet requirements outlined in USAREUR regulation 350-1. Due to this dedication and efforts this project received the funding of $62,000 and will enhance Home Station Training. During his deployment to Latvia training area he constructed a Hand Grenade course for deploying units to be able to certify their soldiers for EIB certification course. 3. Mr. Viegas also developed and initiated a Rough Terrain Course at the Oberdachstetten Local Training. The course meets the requirements of a rough terrain at a high altitude making training more realistic and challenging. The course covers 5.85 acres and is 235 meters long. The terrain consists of thick and open forest with a few ditches, obstacles and has a 28 degree slope. This course is designed for soldiers to go through…

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  • World War 1 Summary

    on September 15, 1916, when the first armored vehicle rolled through no man’s land. This “tank” the British built was kept secret from their allies so no rumors of the vehicle would spread. When the German laid eyes on the slow, rickety machine they were put in awe. Now, countries raced to built the best tank, because the best tank would mean the best chance of getting through the enemy’s defenses. Tanks provided many advantages for the time, “They weighed thirty-two tons and ambled along at a…

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  • Trench Warfare Vs Trench Warfare

    Throughout history, battle tactics have always been a pivotal aspect of winning a war. For example, the utilization of the infantry and the usage of propaganda in gaining a larger enlisting population for the infantry have always been fundamental to a battle plan. However, some aspects in how a war is conducted have actually evolved over time. In 1914, the tactic of trench warfare was heavily utilized during World War I where defensive fighting in entrenched positions was favored. This style of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun And Gun Control

    Gun control is a controversial topic to be talked about considering the pros and cons that come along with it. The pros being the control of having a gun in order to have a sense of protection, our right to bear arms and less death rates. On the other side cons being restricting a person to their own personal safety and diminishing personal hobbies such as hunting, and job related activities by not having guns being allowed at all. Guns come with responsibility and consequences that can occur if…

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  • Argumentative Summary: Hunting Throughout The World

    Daniel Innes October 24, 2017 Mrs. Treese Period 3 Argumentative Research Paper Hunting throughout the entire world is not just a sport or hobby; it is much, much more. It is a tradition that is past down from generation to generation. Hunting puts food on the table for families or villages. For example, in West Asia, there was also a tradition of ritual lion hunting for the king. In Northern Europe in the middle Ages, kings kept whole forests for their own private hunting use: (Carr).…

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  • You Ll Make Your Shoe Out Analysis

    Cartoon: “YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT...” In the illustration “YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT...”, written by Adam Zyglis and published by the Buffalo News in 2012, he rhetorically argues that America has an irresponsible gun culture. The illustrator establishes ethos to Americans by portraying an American classic in cinema from a native point of view. His choice of drawing Ralphie Parker from the film A Christmas Story holding an assault rifle is a form of pathos rhetoric. Since most Americans have…

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  • Gun Training Persuasive Essay

    Do you feel safe leaving your home knowing that anyone you see may have a firearm on them and may not have the right training? This is currently a growing problem in America. Too many people of the age of 18 in Iowa can just walk into a sporting goods store and buy a shotgun or rifle. Do you want people not suited to use a firearm get one that easily? People without the right gun training can be a danger to everyone around them including themselves. No one will be able to tell what they really…

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  • Sioux Tribe Weapons

    The Sioux Tribe’s Weapons The Sioux Tribe used many different materials to create their own weapons. Their weapons were used for different purposes, such as hunting and fighting. Some weapons include bows, arrows, and spears. One of the mostly used weapons in the Sioux Tribe is a double curved bow, which was used for fighting and hunting. This Sioux bow is double curved and has red flannel at the handle and at the curves in the limbs.These bows were prepared according to the length of each…

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  • Hunting By Richard Connell Character Analysis

    “They were no match at all for a hunter with his wits about him, and a high-powered rifle” (Connel 6). The most dangerous game is a tale about a man named Rainsford, who gets thrown overboard by a rogue wave. He swims to a nearby shore, knowing that there were people there. He meets General Zaroff who, at first sight, seemed a harmless man intrigued by hunting. But as the story continues, it becomes clear to the reader that he is not a harmless man. Rainsford was a hunter on his way to Rio for…

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  • Personal Narrative-Ted Bear The Pyromaniac

    Ted Bear the Pyromaniac You might have seen me on my old television show Bear Grills back in my glory days. Now that I have left the public life, I can finally follow my dream of becoming a park ranger for the most pristine forest in North America, Rocky Mountain National Park. So I did just that and have been wandering the superb mountain range for the last four years. Recently I have found out how much better things are when they are cooked. I use To eat everything raw, including bugs, fruit…

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